Our Story

Hemsut watch band was established by Zun Shang Ke JI Guangzhou Limited CO., who has been crafted leather product for nearly 10 years. To deliver high-quality watch bands, some leather artisan stay together and found the company a few years ago. “We do more than production-line process, we love this job and we enjoy to see the complete artwork being like by customer.” one of the leather artisan Alex said.
Today, the Hemsut team has grown to nearly 30 members, our craft develops from handmade to machine-made combination, we can make over 60,000 quality straps in a month, our prduct line has been ranged from leather straps, nylon straps, Canvas Straps to stainless steel straps; various between nato watch band, classical watch band as well as apple watch band. But our misson still remain the same: hit a grand style with your timepieces.

Why Us ?

At Hemsut, our main material is calfskin, Alligator, ostrich hide, top grain leather, nylon, and canvas, all material will have special treatment to prevent allergic reactions and all material will have to be skin -touch-friendly. Our product complies with standards such as RoHS, REACH and contain no halogen and other hazardous substances, performing its commitments to protecting the safety of wearing.

A Few Things We Believes

  •   Product safty is the top priorty.
  •   Product safty is not enough, customers’ experience must be excellent.
  •   Wear a watch is boring, with Hemsut is not.
  •   A timepieces is more than a watch, it expresses who you are .
  •   Hemsut is a thing to be chosed .


1.Fast purchase and one to one customize service.

Most time, customers find and select a suitable band from our store which we have always finsihed making, customer can receive it from postmail within days. In additional, we also offer custom leather watch band for watch with special size and customed name on it, and this make the band a best gift for friends and familiers.

2. the steps to make a fine watch band always improve to meet customer request.

The company develope machine line for watch brand making, which includes watch band shaping machine, sewing machine, hole maker, edge-oiling machine, which enable us to make 40,000 bands in a months. All these equipments are handled by skills artisans, who have been trained at the department where stays the best artisans, and the skills have been passed on from one craftsman to another over generations and the obsession with details is absolutely amazing.


We have nearly 10 years of experience in watch band making Our product are sold all over the world at a rate of one million per year. Our customers include watch branded owner, wholesaler, dropshipper and affiliates.
1. zero limited to start with: you just need a online store for watch or watch band.

2. worldwide agent: if you have a real store in your country and interest to sell our brand

3. if you want to find a beautiful watch band to fit your grand watch model, please email us.

Where To Find Us


1 Story, Residential
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Email:  info@hemsutwatchbands.com

Work Time:   Monday-Friday 10am-6pm central

Warehouse US are co-located in Jeffersonville, IN. Please reach out to us at the email address below with any inquiries or just to say hello! We will always respond within one business day and often within the hour.
Huadu, Guangzhou 510805
Email:  contact@hemsutwatchbands.com

Work Time:   Monday-Sarturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Manufacter CN are co-located in Waiji, Guangdong Province. Welcome to visit us if you want to know more and further cooperate with us.


Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.



1 Story, Residential

Jeffersonville, IN 47130


Huadu, Guangzhou 510805

Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.