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Four Former US Presidents Promote COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

The AD Council, a nonprofit group, announced on November 11 that former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush (Jr.), Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, along with their wives, will appear in public service announcements to encourage people to receive the new crown vaccine.

The two ads will take the form of public service announcements from the Centers for Disease Control, Prevention and Control.

Former Republican President George W. Bush Jr. and his wife, Laura, and former Democratic President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, appear in the same ad. Bush Jr. said, “The science is clear. These vaccines will protect everyone and everyone’s loved ones from this dangerous and deadly disease.”

Video of Former US Presidents Promote COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

In the video we can see a photo of Clinton and his wife receiving the vaccines, former President Bill Clinton says, “We’ve lost enough people and we’ve suffered enough damage.”

Former president George W. Bush, wearing his love Timex watch (click here and find replacement watch band for TIMEX) and receiving the vaccines, saying that “In order to get rid of this pandemic, it’s important for our fellow citizens to get vaccinated.”

Obama, wearing this Fitbit Ionic ( Click here and find suitable watch band for Fitbit ), said, “We urge you to get vaccinated when it’s available to you.”


The new ad is part of the Ad Council’s “It’s Up to You” vaccination awareness and education campaign being launched across the United States. More than 300 partners are supporting the campaign in an effort to dispel concerns about the safety of the new vaccine and help convince more people to get vaccinated.

Another ad features four former presidents and former “first ladies” wearing masks for vaccinations. Carter, now 96, says in the ad, “Now, it’s up to you.”

Several former presidents want to use their influence to urge more people to get vaccinated and are also releasing people’s safety concerns.

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