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How to buy a Replace Watch Band for Garmin Vivoactive 5?

Garmin Vivoactive 5 was introduced on 20th, September 2023 by Gamin. The new Vivoactive 5 bring us a new bright AMOLED touchscreen, with an affordable price US$299.99, this model could be one of the best health and fitness smartwatches.

Garmin Vivoactive 5 is compatible with a 20mm quick release band, this is the same to Garmin Vivoactive 3, while Vivoactive 4 45mm is compatible with 22mm quick-release straps, and Garmin Vivoactive 4S 40mm is compatible with 18mm quick-release watch band, don’t buy wrong size when you want to buy a replacement watch band.

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Overview of Garmin Vivoactive 5

Garmin has a lot of sport and smartwatches, but they are very expensive but the Garmin Vivo Active 5 is actually affordable. Now the features that you get for their price are amazing, you will get a great battery life, very accurate health trackers and lots of small features. 

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What is new feature to Vivoactive 5?

  • A vibrant 1.2 inch AMOLED display makes it easier to read health and fitness data, smart notifications and more.
  • Greater battery life – up to 11 days in smartwatch mode – means users can spend more time doing what they love and less time charging. It still get 5 hours battery life if you turn on always-on mode, still better than Apple watch and Samsung Watch.
  • Like a sleep coach on the wrist, receive a sleep score and personalized coaching for how much sleep is recommended and keep track of different sleep stages, naps and other key metrics such as Pulse Ox1 and heart rate variability (HRV) status.
  • Start the day off right with a morning report that provides an overview of last night’s sleep plus recovery, HRV status and weather data (when paired with a compatible smartphone)2.
  • Automatically track or log naps to see how they may benefit the body and the target time and duration they should be.
  • Monitor Body Battery energy levels throughout the day to find the best times for activity and rest. And get even more details and personal insights on how sleep, naps, daily activities and high stress specifically impact energy levels3.
  • Wheelchair mode lets users track daily pushes and receive weight shift alerts plus wheelchair-specific sports apps and workouts. In creating these new features, the algorithms of some existing features were modified to enhance the meaningfulness of key insights for wheelchair users.
  • Better understand how each workout benefits the body and how much time is needed to recover to take on any fitness challenge.
  • Follow guided meditation practices to help reduce stress, anxiety and more.
  • Choose between two font sizes to view smart notifications4, workout data and more with greater ease.
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Is Garmin Vivoactive 5 the best smartwatch under value $300?

There are a lot of smartwatch option under value $300, Apple watch, Samsung Watch, Huawei watch, is Garmin Vivoactive 5 the best one? does it makes sense to upgrade your Garmin this time? Well, we can’t say Garmin Vivoactive 5 is the best smartwatch under value $300, but we can say it’s the best sport and health tracking sport smartwatch under $300. Why is that? Because it’s pretty long battery life, trusted App and great brand. The Vivoactive 5 costs less than the Vivoactive 4 and Venu 3, and there's more to love than the model before it, including advanced sports features and an upgraded AMOLED screen design. Many of the features from the Vivoactive 4 are still available, yet you get an upgraded HR sensor (V4, not the latest), GPS, HRV, heart rate tracking and more fitness options.

The Vivoactive 5 smartwatch serves even more proof that Garmin takes sports and fitness tracking capabilities very seriously. It’s less intuitive than the Apple Watch, and the Garmin Connect IQ store has to catch up to compete with Apple or Google, but if fitness tracking is what you’re looking for, Garmin sports watches are solid investments and great value.

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What is the best replacing watchband from us for Garmin Vivoactive?

From the second paragraph, ww know that what watch band size is compatible with Garmin Vivoactive? If you have doubt with that, please contact us to make sure so that you can get the right size. Here we recommend our top 3 quick release watch straps for Garmin Vivoactive.

1, Super Rugged Nylon Sporty Watch Bands

Our super rugged series sport watch bands are our best sellers, they are built with high-quality nylon seatbelts and velcro accessories, with quick-release spring bars, which are very soft and durable. It’s not only a good replacement strap option when you climb or cycle with your Vivoactive watch, but it can also carry the ability to hold your watch in good condition when you swim or sail. This model comes in two sizes: 20mm and 22mm, and L, M length available, so this model has no suitable size for Garmin Vivoactive 4S 40mm, but if you have a Garmin Vivoactive 5 / 3, or Vivoactive 4 45mm, then this model could fit your watch perfectly. The quick-release spring bar enables you to exchange the band very easily. Try it and you won’t regret it!


Super Rugged Nylon Sporty Watch Bands


2, 10 colors Jelly Silicone Watch Bands

Our Jelly Silicone watch band features a premium textured top and 316L stainless steel heavy-duty brushed buckle. The whole watch straps taper a 2mm body shape from watch head to buckle, which means the 22mm watch band has a 20mm buckle, the 20mm strap has an 18mm clasp. Our silicone watch straps are made of first-class silicone material, which is eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Each band also comes standard with two included lengths to ensure they will be a perfect fit for nearly anyone’s wrist. Silicone straps are soft and sporty, which makes them fit very well on sports watches like Garmin Vivoactive families. More important is this model we have 18mm available which can be compatible with Garmin Vivoactive 4S. Its quick-release spring bar enables you to swap the straps out in just a few seconds and without tools!


Jelly Silicone Watch Bands


3, Thin Horween Leather Watch Strap

This thin Horween leather watch strap is made of quality Leather material from Horween Chromexcel, Chigago, US.  Horween leather is a soft, quality material that is widely used in bags, shoes, and footballs. Watch fans should know Horween because they can buy it from many third-party watch band suppliers like HODINKEE, Gecko and other well-known brands. Our craftsmen make it thin and soft so that customers can have a perfect wearing experience. The classic leather watch band will look great at Garmin Vivoactive, if you want to buy leather straps for your Garmin Vivoactive 5, this Horween leather strap is a good choice.


Thin Horween Leather Watch Strap


Above we recommend 3 quick-release watch bands for Garmin Vivoactive families, and we still have many other straps available, please click our website to check more details. if you have other Garmin watch that be compatible with Quickfit straps, you can also check our Garmin Watch bands collections.

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