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How to Find a Replace Watch Band for G-shock GW6900?

CASIO G-Shock GW6900 is one of the first few iconic models from G-Shock. First introduced in 1995, it was a favorite among sports enthusiasts, firefighters, and other outdoor professionals who wanted a watch that could withstand harsh environments and last a long time. Even many military personnel chose to wear different G-shock models, such as the GD110, GW5600, GW6900, etc., which they loved for their accurate timekeeping and tactically cool design. Today, more than 30 years later, we still see many young people and outdoor enthusiasts wearing the GW6900, which seems to be timeless.

How to find replace watch band for G-shock GW6900 (4)

The GW6900 is easy recognizable by its round case with a flat bottom, the classic "three eyes" (also known as the "triple figure") design of the dial, and the easily recognizable light activation button "G" located at the bottom center of the face, which appears in different colors on different colored watches, making it very design conscious.

The square LCD below the GW6900 displays the regular time, day/date and other timely functions. In addition, it has a unique feature: it can switch the day/date display to a world time (city and time zone of your choice) display. In addition to these standard G-shock watch features, the GW6900 offers a variety of different colors and exterior decorations for consumers to choose from, and even special editions, celebrity co-branded models, etc. With the addition of solar power, atomic time, world time, and automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST), the GW6900-1 is a watch that gives consumers a great deal of peace of mind.

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The "three eyes" at the top of the watch face are LCD pie-graphs. The first two graphs show the status or activation of various functions such as power save mode, hour signal, alarm, auto backlight and battery charge status (charging, low, medium and high).

The third circular graphic, mainly for eye appeal, is divided into ten segments which, in default time mode, open/close sequentially like a fake second hand, performing a 360-degree "scan" every ten seconds. In stopwatch mode, the pie chart segments represent 1/10th of a second and cycle on and off accordingly, with a 360-degree scan every second. Considering that the digital display below shows seconds (or tenths), this feature doesn't really do much in practice - it's just an aesthetic design. As an aesthetic design, I think it's still pretty cool.

The GW6900 is a classic G-SHOCK, rugged, stylish and sporty, which is the image that every G-SHOCK series imprints in the eyes of consumers. Whether you are a student, or a professional outdoor worker, GW6900 is your best companion, the market price is between $80 to $100 dollars.

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How to find replace watch band for G-shock GW6900?

G-Shock GW6900 Watch band is compatible with a convex 16mm watch band. Because its special lugs, standard 16mm straps wouldn’t not work for GW6900. Original 6900’ delivers a resin watch band which is durable and I think it might be the best strap for it, but if you are tired of the simple resin watch band design, here we will recommend you a new nylon replacement watch band for GW6900.

How to find replace watch band for G-shock GW6900

Recommend New Replacement strap for G-Shock

#1, Shock the World Gshock Watch Straps | Hemsut

Shock the World G-shock Watch straps are designed not only for GW6900, but also for other G-shock models with same lug width, like GW5600, GA2100, and other models. The watch bands are made of premium nylon and it’s water resistant, they could be perfect fit for outdoor watches like Casio, below are the fitting G-shock models, please contact us if you have any question.

16mm Watch bands for Gshock DW5600 are also compatible with other G-shock models with the same lugs 16mm, including the below models:

  • GA-100/110/120/150/200/201/300/310/400/700/710,
  • GAS-100/5255/5600,
  • GW-S5600/5600/M560/M5610/5610/M5630/6900,
  • DW5600/D5600/8900/9050/9051/9052,
  • G-5600/5700/6900/8900, GAC-100,
  • GDF-100, CDX-1000, GAW100, GAX-100, BA-110, GR-8900, GBA-400
  • GLS-100/5600/6900/8900
  • GAS-100/5255/5600
  • GA-2100 GA2110 GA2100

18mm Watch band Option is compatible with G-shock AE1200 and AE1300

This G-shock watch strap design’s inside size is 16mm, the outer part leather is 24mm, and the nylon outside nylon part is 30mm.

gshock watch straps

Shock the World Gshock Watch Straps


#2, Nylon Watch Bands for Gshock | Hemsut

Nylon Watch Bands for Gshock DW5600 1

Nylon Watch Bands for Gshock


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