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2023 Best Garmin Watch Replacement Band: For Fenix, Forerunner, Instinct, Epix, Venu, Vivoactive

These bands are pretty awesome, right?  I've been really enjoying my Garmin Phoenix 5 watch, but there's one tiny snag.  I wanted to spice things up a bit by swapping out the band, maybe get a couple of different colored ones.  However, when I checked the prices for the official Garmin QuickFit replacement bands, I was in for a bit of a shock.  They start at a whopping $50!  Yes, $50 for just one band, all because of this fancy QuickFit disconnect technology.

I mean, it's not like I'm trying to buy a new watch, I just want a different look now and then.  But if I were to grab two or three of these bands, that's $100 to $150 down the drain.  It's honestly a bit ridiculous that Garmin is charging so much for a simple watch band replacement.

Gone are the days when you were stuck with the same old band on your Garmin watch.  Now, you can easily switch things up and give your Garmin a fresh new style.  Whether you have a Garmin Fenix, Vivoactive, Venu, Forerunner, or any other model, most Garmin watches let you change out the straps with ease.

This means you're not just limited to Garmin's official band options.  You can also explore more affordable alternatives that still look great.  So, whether you're after something unique or just need a backup band, we've got you covered.  We'll walk you through the types of bands available, how to swap them out, and even recommend some bands that are definitely worth considering.  Time to level up your Garmin watch game!

Types of Garmin Watch Band

Different models of Garmin watches may have different strap interfaces, mainly due to the differences in design and use of the various models of watches.
Because different activities and application scenarios may require different strap designs and characteristics. Users can choose the type of strap that suits them according to their preferences and uses to get the best experience. Therefore, Garmin watches offer a variety of strap interface options to ensure that every user can find a watch style and function that suits their needs. Here are the most common Garmin strap interface types and why:

Quickfit Band

Some Garmin watches are designed with quick-release bands, which have a quick change function and do not require tools, and users can easily change the band to suit different occasions or activities. The advantage of this design is that it is easy for users to change the band as needed without having to look for specialized tools.

Quick Release Band

It is also a quick change strap system, with a quick disassembly ear, no additional tools are required.

Screw-in Band

you need to use a specific tool to loosen the screws on both sides of the screw, remove the screw and the strap and install a new strap. This design is generally more robust and suitable for applications that require a longer period of stability, such as outdoor adventure and sports.

Find the Band that Fits Your Watch

Find the right size and length strap based on the model of your Garmin watch.

1, Garmin replacement Band: Quickfit

  • 20mm: Fenix 7S/7S Pro/6S/6S Pro/6S Solar/6S Pro Solar/6S Sapphire/5S/5S Plus/5S Sapphire, Instinct 2S/2S Solar
  • 22mm: Fenix 7/7 Pro/7 Solar/7 Sapphire Solar/6/6 Pro/6 Solar/7 Sapphire/5/5 Plus, Approach S60/S62, Instinct2/2 Solar/2 Dual Power/2 Standard Edition/Solar-Standard Edition/Tide/Tactical/Esparts/Crossover, Forerunner 935/945/745/955/955 Solar/965, Epix(Gen 2)
  • 26mm: Fenix 7X/7X Pro/7X Solar/7X Sapphire Solar/6X/6X Pro/6X Solar/6X Sapphire/5X/5X Plus/3/3 HR/3 Sapphire, Instinct 2X/2X Solar

Alpine Loop Garmin Watch Bands | Hemsut



Super Rugged Nylon Quickfit Garmin Watch Bands



2, Garmin replacement Band: Quick Release

  • Venu
  • Forerunner 265/265S/55/255S Music/255 Music/255S/245

Since there are two or three case sizes of Garmin watch for quick release bands, you can choose a band according to the size of the case of the Garmin watch you purchased.
In Hemsut, quick release straps come in different widths, for example 18mm, 20mm, 22mm.


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