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How To Change A Watch Band In 5 Minutes: Step-By-Step Tuturial

If you want to refresh the look of your watch, replacing the watch band is a good option. While the safest approach is to seek professional help from an authorized dealer or trusted watchmaker, which wastes a lot of time, you can also learn how to change a watch strap at home if you have the right tools and knowledge.

By changing the strap, you can easily give your watch a new and updated look. I will teach you step-by-step how to change a watch band through pictures and words, and attach the teaching video.

I. What's Your Watch Band Size?

The size of your wrist determines the length of the strap you need to buy, while the width of your watch's lug determines the width of the strap you need to buy, which is usually measured in millimeters.


You can usually find out how wide a watch band you need to buy online according to the brand and model of your watch, if you can't find it online, I have written an article about the size of the watch band: Fitting Guide

You can also know the lug width of your watch clearly and directly through this PDF

II. Preparing Tools and Accessories

Before changing the strap, we need to understand the tools and accessories, watch lugs are generally divided into three kinds: spring bar, quick release spring bar, and screw type bar pin.
Today I will teach you how to install and remove the first two types of lugs. Under normal circumstances, when you buy this type of watch band from Hemsut, the shipping department of Hemsut will give you the spring bar/quick release spring bar and spring bars tool , and the watch band also comes with spring bar/quick release spring bar, so you do not need to buy additional accessories.

spring bar
  • Spring Bar: This is the most traditional and common, and installing the spring bar usually requires a tool, such as a spring bar tool or a small screwdriver, to insert the spring bar into the hole in the watch band, and then secure it to the ear by pressure. When disassembling, you only need to press the spring bar on one side by hand.
  • Quick Release Spring Bar: This is a more convenient way because it has a built-in quick release mechanism, usually by pressing a button or lever to release, no tool assistance is required.

III. Removing The Nato Strap

nato strap
watch strap
replace watch band
  • When you need to remove a watch that has been installed with a NATO strap, you need to remove the NATO strap first.
  • And then use the spring bar tool to apply pressure to the end of the spring bar, at this time the spring bar can be easily removed, but be aware that the process of disassembly may cause the spring bar to bounce away from the watch. So you need to prepare a clean and smooth desktop to remove and install the strap.

As an aside, if you are interested in the history and collocation of NATO watch bands, you can read my article here:  Why NATO Watch Straps Have Become the Choice of Fashion Enthusiasts


  • The History and Origin of NATO Watch Straps
  • Materials and Design Features of NATO Watch Straps
  • How to Quickly Adapt NATO Straps to Your Watch

IV. Installing The Replacement Watch Band

leather watch band
leather watch band replacement
leather watch band replacement
replace watch band
  • First insert the lower half of the quick release spring bar into the small hole in the lug, make sure it is properly aligned, and then press down firmly until it is firmly in the lug.
  • Then you put your finger against the protruding quick release spring bar on the other side and insert it into the small hole in the ear on the other side. When you hear a slight clicking sound, which indicates that the bar is firmly fixed in the hole, you can release your hand from exerting pressure on the protruding spring bar.
  • When both parts are in place, you can gently pull the band to make sure they are firmly attached to the watch to prevent your band from possibly slipping off.

V. Third-Party Strap Recommendation

1, If you like the quick release spring bar as a convenient way to change the watch band, I suggest you consider the following 2 watch bands, different materials will make it easy for you to cope with different occasions

  • Cotton canvas is durable, soft, breathable with embroidery added for strength & style.
  • Brushed 316L stainless steel buckle with solid tongue.
  • Suitable for military style watches.
  • Available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm
  • Hand selected top grain leather with 316 stainless steel buckle
  • Quick Release design makes it fast and simple to install
  • Available in18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm

2, If you own a traditional watch, but love nylon and a military-style strap, I have a great suggestion

sporty watch bands

Super Rugged Nylon Sporty Watch Bands


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