7 High Quality Materials for Leather Watch Straps

Leather Watch bands are the most traditional straps in watches history. No matter what kind of straps are applied to you watch right now, a new look with leather straps is worthy to try it. Watch do not belong to a particular era but these are the evergreen styling options that never fade with time or go out of vogue. All that may change is the type of watches with the development in the technology. A mere thing that does not change with time or development is a watch strap that gives a completely new look even to an old watch. We all want to stay in synchronization with the modern fashion trends but sometimes we do not wish to spend much money on the same. In such a case, buying a watch can be an expensive gig for sure but if you buy some watch straps then you can save ample money this way.

Among the vast array of choices available in the watch straps, leather watch straps grab the top line due to plenty of reasons. Primarily the waterproof characteristics make the leather straps mind-blowing. Above that, the utmost comfort that one gets with wearing a leather strap is inimitable. With this, the following guide can explain the reason to choose leather watch straps the best way possible

Why we choose leather watch straps?

Right from the pleasant touch to the tanned cowhide and other dark colors, leather watch straps endow the wearer with a soft feeling. The leather watch straps stand alone from the crowd of different types of straps' materials.

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Here are the following points that make leather watch straps the best choice.

Comfy: Wearing a metal strap, silicone strap, or strap of any other material is not as comfy as the leather watch strap. Firstly, it takes the shape of our wrist and secondly, it adapts temperature according to the body and gives a cozy feel to the wearer. The leather watches straps hug the wrists of the wearer so well that the wearer does not even feel if he is wearing something. The high-quality leather straps produced at hemsutwatchbands.com are usually made by keeping the allergies of people in mind so that it does not hurt anyone.

Vogue: Another thing that makes any leather watch strap different from other materials is the vast array of styles available in the same. Due to which it becomes quite effortless for anybody to choose the one suiting their fashion statement. Whenever a man or woman wears a watch with formal attire, they become the center of attraction by default. The best thing about leather watch straps is that these never go out of trend and have been securing their position for ages

Universal: No matter you agree or not, but we all have leather belts that go well with our party suits and our formal suits too. A leather watch strap makes a perfect match with the leather belt due to which it is fit to wear on any occasion, be it a house warming party or an official interview. After all, our stylists usually suggest matching the accessories and it goes imperative in the case of leather belts and straps pretty well. We all have leather belts regardless of our gender and whenever it comes to style our formal suits, we generally pair it up with a classy watch. When the same watch has a leather watch strap to cover your wrist then nothing can beat the combination. This universal watch strap material is suitable for you no matter you are a boy, girl, lady, man, or an old person. It never goes wrong with any of your outfits or occasions therefore you can wear it with close eyes too.

Grip: Due to leather watch straps being available in the pin and buckle style, the grip of the pin secures the hole tightly. With this, leather watch-straps become very less prone to be undone. Above that, you should know that you do not need to worry if the leather strap you have bought is of a different size than your wrist size because its hook style can make it fit for your wrist anyway regardless of your wrist measurements.

Texture: The unique texture of leather straps make them reflect the style for a long time if you are not using the straps to do too sweaty sports or to dive into the water bodies.  Some of the leather material elevates the patina over time as distinct vibrant colors come with their continued use. Over and all, the texture of the leather material never fades with time but gets better with its wear and tear while making the wrist of the wearer look more classy with fleeting dates on the calendar.

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Choices: The best thing about leather watch straps is that the choices are not limited in this category however you can get a plethora of styles. Among the whole list of watch straps, you can get a difference due to the change in colors of the material. Otherwise, you can get different types of material present in the leather too. Some people love to wear watch straps of fine and polished leather in a glossy look however others look for matte leather material with an uneven finish. Another thing that can endow you with a variety of choices is the type of stitching done on the borders and surface of the leather material used in making of the watch strap.

Though leather straps need efficient care, yet it is worthy to handle these watches efficiently due to the benefits these stripes offer as lavish things need lavish treatment too. But, if you wipe down the leather strap with a dry cloth and do the removal of the surface grime, then you can keep it safe for long. The leather generally begins to become better with aging than other materials that fade with time.

7 high-quality leather company we cooperating with

Behind the production of world-class watch straps, the quality of leather material plays a crucial role therefore it becomes our necessity to be an intelligent buyer of the same. After years of research, we have come in contact with such enterprises that host the top-notch tanneries across the world. Our manufactory have made a wide range of high quality leather company list after paying a keen eye to the quality of material as well as the originality as we do not believe in copying a material. Also, we keep in mind the durability of the leather material so that our customers do not regret buying the watch strap any day. Above that, we ensure that there is enough comfort in the finishing of the material therefore we choose such material that offers ease in molding applications.

Here comes the list of 7 high-quality leather companies with which are cooperating to offer the best leather watch straps on the tables of the customers while ensuring top-notch quality in mind.

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Natural | Thin Horween Leather Watch Band | Hemsut


1, HORWEEN LEATHER: From Horween Leathers Company, we take the world-class quality leathers to offer the best watch straps for our customers. Even the whole globe is witnessing development in technology with the changing dates and years, but Horween still trusts merely in the handwork therefore their craftspeople and artisans carve the leathers to produce fine and amazing leather effortlessly.

We take CHROMEXCEL leather from them that are typically original pull-up leather. The leather is not a recent invention but the development of the leather took place almost 100 years ago. With a unique blend of natural oils and greases, it is still produced in the US. Crafted with traditional craftsmanship, Chromexcel leather offers a plethora of cementable and waterproof leathers to make the straps highly amazing. It is characterized by the assistance of a highly rich pull-up with the hand-rubbed finishing in full aniline. It is known for its marvelous history of the best comfort and durability. We get cementable and waterproof options available in this particular leather material.

Apart from this, we also purchase GENUINE SHELL CORDOVAN from Horween Leather Company that portrays the supreme tanned leather. The process of manufacturing this cordovan leather includes tanning, stuffing, shaving, and then polishing of irregular and uneven oval-shaped shells. It involves the stuffing of hot genuine shells that are slicked onto glass frames for drying. To get a full aniline finish, artisans rub the dyes with their own hands. These hand-glazed glossy and rick looking shells carve the finest leather amongst the chosen ones and therefore we cooperate with this company.

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The very well-known Conceria La Bretagna is another tannery that is popular for selling its high-quality leather material. Its GHOST CAMOUFLAGE tanned leather comes with fine finishing of a plethora of amazing colors. The ghost corresponds to a white wax finish that gets wear with its exposure but the best thing is the color that comes from the beneath that is mind-blowing. It is a firm leather material that offers great molding and also the rigidity of the products. With its ease to get cut and skive, it offers comfort to the artisans to carve desirably. This most versatile leather offers perfect combinations of choices. Buffing it with a cloth can endow you with its best colors from the beneath therefore it is one of the greatest choices among all the leather material, especially when it comes to style a watch strap for a fashion statement.

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Another tannery that has got recognition for producing the best leather material is the Badalassi Carlo. It is the reason for our cooperation with this enterprise as we must serve the customers with top-notch quality therefore we tie the knots with well-developed brands. Firstly, we take the tenders of PUEBLO Vegetable-tanned leather from them which come from full grains and agile feel with a slight firmness. Its unique rustic look makes this leather material different from the other ones. We get this leather with one flesh side due to which it becomes easy for us to dye another side consequently. Apart from its ease to cut and skive, it also provides the wearer with utmost satisfaction.

Moreover, we deal with MINERVA BOX leather material too, which is a perfect blend of Italian fat wax in attribution with the vacchetta name. The natural pebbled texture of the leather adds beautiful depth to it. Being a natural pebble grain, it maintains an inconsistency through the hide as some areas have lesser pebbles than the others. With a large variety of options, these cover a huge space in our storage spaces and our workshops where we carve the leathers. This leather material secures the naturalness over its whole lifetime, it is the reason due to which it can develop scars and wrinkle with the passage of time and its naturalness is the only reason that its colors keep on changing with time. All-in-all, these Badalassi Carlo leathers are not inferior to any other branded leather materials.

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We also work with Conceria Walpier tannery which has got popularity due to the production of premium tanned leather materials in various beautiful colors. It has been 40 years since that conceria walpier is making the world's best leather materials. The company got the business from their family ancestors in the beginning when the company owned a different name. But, now the little ones are handling the same to continue the tradition of family and they have gained popularity worldwide. High quality and authenticity are the fortes of this company due to which we could not resist typing up with this brand.

Among its variety of materials, we choose the DOLLARO Vegetable-tanned leather material as it is appealing and out of the box article. It is the best and most popular piece of Conceria Walpier to which only Buttero beats. With the embossing, it becomes quite effortless for our artisans to bring rigidity in the products. The leather grain comes in a splendid pebble texture but not uneven, however on the flat surface. It does not only give a nice rigidity to the products but also provides a nice structure too. One can get a plethora of color options in this high yielding cut which includes almost zero waste. It is one such leather material that does not observe patination with its use and also, one can expect high safety from scratches too.

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When it comes to choosing the supreme quality leathers for the manufacturing of the best watch straps, Italy vegetable leather-MINERVA is our next choice to be made. Notorious for its pebbled texture along with amusing aroma, Minerva leather material age with grace. Keeping the quality standards in mind, Italy vegetable leather manufacturers ensure the semi-gloss finish of this pebbled grain. It is a perfect blend of animal fats and liquor. Unlike the plastic pigmentations, this grain gets the treatment of bark extracts and aniline dyes for preserving the unique features of every hide of the material perfectly. The Italy vegetable tanned leather material does not comprise the quality merely but also known for its uniqueness.


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An Italy based company Buttero also endows us with top-notch quality of vegetable-tanned leather. The leather obtained from here is known for the absorption of life and time traces due to which it makes the watch straps look mature over time. When it comes to the resistance of the leather, it does not lose with its aging however it gets better with time. Being a very personal expression of truth and naturalness, this tanned leather's looks get elevated with its use. This genuine leather assists us in making world-class watch straps with the absolute quality of leather being used.


7, YAK---Chinese top 10 leather supplier

Last but not least among our trading partners is IYAK, which is an international yak association. They feed and take care of the high-quality breed yaks which give thick leather. The hide of the yak is usually brimmed with leather and fiber from which we only take what we need and try to make the best and most comfortable watch straps for our customers. It becomes quite effortless for our workforce to make the watch straps sturdy with this strong leather. Therefore, we consider IYAK as one of our best partners across the world.

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Though we collect the exceptional quality of leather to carve the appealing leather watch straps, yet every leather material is amiable for the wearer. The color, style, and price may differ with the type of leather material used for the carving of the watch strap, but the purpose and feel remain almost the same in all, the fabulous feeling. Above all, we keep the stitches fine and sturdy so that there are no complaints from the customers’ end. Keeping the color choices available for the customers, we offer supreme quality to the buyers. Our team of highly skilled craftspeople ensures high-end finishing of the leather material so that watch straps offer amazing comfort along with the style.

Therefore, you can trust Hemsut watch bands blindly when it comes to buying a leather watch strap as we never compromise with quality at all. Along with getting high quality material from these companies, we do the crafting while keeping every minute detail in mind.We suggest you grab the best pieces of watch straps at our doors before your favorite strap goes out of stock.

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