7 Affordable High-Quality Watches Recommendations

A cheap yet high-quality watch satisfies the cravings of a watch lover. Though a watch enthusiast always looks forward to the BEST only. But, if he/she can get something affordable in the skin of something superlative, he/she would never mind!

Also, there’s a huge misconception that says that a watch needs to be expensive in order to be good. However, it’s not the truth. You can get several quality watches in a low-budget. So, basically, you need to research well before opting to buy a watch.

In order to save you from the hustle of researching, we have compiled this read for you so that you can make an informed decision regarding which watch to buy next that also does not shake your budget!

    1. TISSOT LE LOCLE T006.407.11.033.00

The watch carries a POWERMATIC 80.111 swiss movement, via the transparent bottom cover, a beautiful automatic movement is beating inside the stainless-steel case.  The updated swiss movement Powermatic 80 is accurate, stable and 80 hours of power reserve. It’s a very good choice to be a business dress watch.

The epic design and aesthetics of the watch can’t be overlooked easily. The immense attention to detail and the pure elegance of the Roman numerals beats everything coming in its way. The classical timepiece boasts a sleek design with a traditional Le Locle signature that completes the picture nicely!

The solid build quality resists scratches and wear and tear for a huge period of time. The hand readability is also excellent due to the Sapphire crystal used in its construction.

Apart from all the features, the watch is also water-resistant which makes it the best choice under a low-budget.

Diameter: 39mm

Water Resistance: up to 100 ft.

Price: $400 to $450

Watch Band recommended

Alligator Embossed Leather Watch Band is a great strap that could be the perfect replacement band for Tissot Le Locle! The original watch carries a 19*18mm size watch band. Hemsut provides high quality Alligator grain watch band with quick-release spring bar and available in different colors. If you need custom TISSOT logo on the band, fill the contact chart and chat.

2. Hamilton H70595963

Hamilton H70595963 carries a H-10 movement, the movement power storage service could be up to 80hours. From the transparent back cover, we can see a beating, beautiful movement.  The accurate movement feature and matt finished stainless steel case make it a great outdoor timepiece.

Not too fashionable yet on point, yes you heard it right, it is the Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch which proves to be an all-rounder. The wristwatch suits well to all occasions as well as to daily outings. Hence, the watch is a great option if you are on a budget. The casual looking watch isn’t much trendy but does not look bad either, especially considering the jaw-dropping features. The watch is a champion!

Diameter: 38mm

Water Resistance: up to 330 ft.

Price: $500 to $600

Watchband recommendations

Hamilton H70595963 carries a 20mm canvas watch band. A woven canvas watch band make it very suitable for outdoor and casual occasions. The watch band would look impressive with Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic. Hemsut provides similar canvas watch band for Hamilton with 4 different colors available, the band is made with top quality material, accompanied by a sturdy buckle and quick-release spring bar. Add this band to your collection now.


The Orient Star RE-AU0204L00B is a beautiful watch that nearly fits all sorts of events that are scheduled! The practicality of the watch is a definite show-stopper. Plus, the easy-to-read aesthetics with completely-lumed hour markers provide nearly no problems in viewing time. The 41mm stainless-steel case with an onion styled crown easily brings an affordable yet unique package on the table.

There’s also a power-reserve indicator on the dial. There’s a 50-hour power reserve available which is no doubt superb.

It accompanies F6N43 automatic movement. It’s a hassle-free winder while using the crown, running at 21,600 BPH. The price of the watch is around $400 to $500. The Japanese watch is definitely a premium watch that also offers water-resistance.

Also, the build quality is perfect which means that it will last long for a good period of time!

Diameter: 41mm

Water Resistance: up to 200 ft.

Price: $400 to $500

Watchband recommendations

The original Orient AU-02 comes with a coffee calfskin leather straps which décor with beige line. The compatible size is 21mm watch bands. Hemsut calfskin leather watch band are highly recommended as a replaced watch strap for AU-02. Hemsut calfskin has different color available to fit this Orient, endow you a completely different watch by different color.

4. SEIKO Presage SRPB41J1

SEIKO Presage SRPB41J1 were inspired from Bluemoon cocktail, simply, romantic and elegant. As one of the most important collection of SEIKO families, the presage SRPB41J1 comes with 316L stainless steel body and 40.5mm blue dial, inside of the case is a Japan 4R35 automatic movement which is well-known and efficient, having 41 hours of power-reserve. The watch water resistant service is 50m daily waterproof.

The watch has definitely arrived to shock you because of its amazing features. The dial is pretty simple with a special pattern that makes it unique. The lining pattern in blue color runs beautifully within the watch dial. As some light strikes on it, there’s always a new pattern to witness. The shinier aesthetics of the watch are intense and captivating.

Diameter: 40mm

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Price: $300 to $400

Watchband recommendations

The Original SEIKO Presage SRPB41J1 comes with a 20mm stainless steel watch band. The original straps is durable, but wear a same watch band for years would be boring and you can find very different awesome SEIKO Presage look with different watch band. Hemsut Nylon NATO straps and vintage horween leather straps would be a perfect replace watch band to this watch, the bands looks pretty delightful and charming with Seiko Presage. To be honest, people right after buying Seiko Presage go and order this genuine leather band for it! It simply looks too cool to resist!

5. Michel Herbelin REF 1660AN45TER

Michael Herbelin REF1660AN45TER is a perfect watch for divers who are looking for cheap options, the water resistancy is 300m, inside of the 42mm case is a Sellita  11 1/2 SW200-1 BAS automatic movement. The bulky case will let you survive amidst the deep coral reefs. Plus, the rotating bezels will truly indicate the amount of oxygen left. There’s also enough lume through which readability becomes exceptionally easy. No matter what happens, the watch will last long due to the robust build quality.

It houses a Sellita Automatic movement which is not bad at all. At such a price, you can’t be thankless. The water sports junkies will be really happy with this one due to the top-notch features at such an incredibly low price.

It might not be as reputable as Rolex or Tissot, but who cares when you are deep inside the water, battling with the dangerous waves.

Diameter: 42mm

Water Resistance: 300 meters

Price: $1000 to $1100

Watchband recommendations

The original Michal Herbelin REF1660AN45TER comes with a vintage leather watch with handmade stitches. People always like to fit their sport and dive watch with a vintage leather watch because they do look special in this way. Hemsut’s new collection HORWEEN leather straps are this kind design, 4 colors are available. Besides the HORWEEN, Jetson NATO straps are another good choice, look like they are designed uniquely to fit Michael Herbelin’s Trophy. It is crafted with seatbelt weaved nylon with customized stitching that is unmatched in the industry. The bands are water-proof as well as washable.

6. CITIZEN Kuroshio ’64

The modest priced CITIZEN Kuroshio ’64 is a vintage styled, an affordable option for those searching for quality timepiece at a lower price. It’s basically a tribute to the technical milestone of the feature of water-resistance in watches. It celebrates the day when engineers achieved this humongous milestone!

The 41mm case with a sturdy crown and lumed hour marker dots complete the overall look of it. The sleek looking case comes with a matte finish in the center and extends till the lugs. The texture within the dial depicts an ocean wave design and depth.

Legibility is also superb due to the lumes and bigger fonts. It is powered by Citizen’s own Calibre 8310 which is an automatic movement, boasting a power reserve of 60 massive hours!

Diameter: 41mm

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Price: $583 to S$595

Watchband recommendations

The original CITIZEN KUROSHIO 64 comes with an alligator grain leather watch straps or a solid stainless-steel band. Here we highly recommend Nylon NATO straps from Hemsut, as a third party replaced straps for this CITIZEN. It’s just liked the NATO wraps are born to be companies for this citizen Kuroshio, it looks so elegant and modern as you wear it. To put simply, the combination of the band with Citizen KUROSHIO 64 is too gorgeous to define in words. The watch is pretty dynamic; hence, the band must be pleasing as well! So, it could be the best option for getting a band. It is made with seatbelt weaved nylon and customized stitching. So, any reason to not get it? I doubt!

7. Victorinox Field Force GMT

The unique, black dial with an unusual Swiss Army branding is enough to attract the buyers. But, don’t forget about its pricing.

Boasting 100mm of water-resistance, it could become the best option for daily swimmers. The 42mm beauty is the sport and fulfills your needs in all sorts of conditions. The readability is no fuss due to large numerals, having Super-LumiNova® lume technology to improve legibility.

With quartz movement, the timepiece should be your go-to option if you are looking for a package of affordability and style at the same time!

Diameter: 42mm

Water Resistance: 100mm

Price: $350 to $400

Watchband recommendations

The original Victorinox Field Force GMT comes with a cordovan leather straps or stainless straps or silicone straps. Victoorinox is defined to be an outdoor timepiece, so I think silicone watch band or comfortable Victorinox watch band could be a good choice for this watch.  In Hemsut, the Cordovan Watch Strap is a unique one and would definitely suit your Victorinox Field Force GMT. The band finish is brilliant and feels extremely nice as you wear it on your wrists. Such a band is available online at Hemsut. Check one by yourself.


So, here we have come to the end. We hope you enjoyed the read and made a decision regarding which watch to get next. Also, don’t forget to visit Hemsut to buy the bands recommended above! At Hemsut, there are several ranges of bands available that will suit nicely to all the watches that we recommended!