How do I know my watch straps size?

How to measure a watch band size? A tool that intensifies the beauty of your wrist needs to perfectly fit on your hands. To get the right match, it becomes quite essential for us to know the watch strap size so that watch does not run freely on your wrist. If you also want to get the snug feeling with the right watch strap size, then the following guide can be highly assistive for you. Scroll down to gather the right and constructive information to know the size of the watch straps

To determine the correct size, we can try the following three ways:

1, – Use a standard ruler to measure the distance of the watch two lugs

2, – check the number in the back of the straps, regularly you can see numbers like 18,20,22 or other numbers, that should the size you need.

3, – check on the manufacturer’s or watch the retailer’s website. you will find the band size of your watch in the description on the website.

How Do I Know My Watch Bands Size

What is the standard watch strap size?

When it comes to the standard watch strap size, what they mean is the shape of the straps head there to connect to the watch case (some smartwatch-like Apple watches are preferred to the adaptor size, like 44mm apple watch band or 40mm watch bands). When we talking about an 18mm watch band, 20mm watch bands, or 22mm watch bands, we are talking about the straps is in a regular shape like the below picture. When your watch is with especially connected lugs, this standard watch straps size will not work for you. Next time, when you have a CARTIER BALLON BLEU, you don’t need to ask the seller if you can buy this 18mm watch straps or 16mm watch straps, because they won’t work for it, you have to find the straps that is special for CARTIER BALLON BLEU.

Check the picture below to explain what is the standard watch straps size and what is special?

How do I measure my wrist size without a tape measure?

After you know what is the straps size you need for your timepieces, you come another question. How do I know if the straps I found would be suitable for my wrist? And how do I measure my wrist size? If measuring wrist size with tape does not suit you, then a string can surely lend a hand. All you need to wrap the string around the circumference of your wrist and mark the point where it begins overlapping the endpoint. Then, straighten the string and attach it with a ruler to know the measurements. Pen down the length before you forget it without doing any estimate additions to your wrist measurement.

Also, you need to know that when we attach the two straps on our wrist, we can adjust in less area by buckling that up. Therefore, you need not worry about the strap length even if it is longer than your wrist size.


How big is 20mm watch bands?

When you want to buy a new watch, most people only pay attention to the case size and ignore the size of the straps. The straps size do matter when it requires to a special purpose. For example, when you need it for business occasions, a watch with to big straps won’t be a good choice, a watch with medium size straps like from 18mm to 22mm would be better (for men option, ladies should be 12mm to 18mm). Actually, these sizes are the most widely used size in the market, it covers up to 99% watches. Coming to the question of how big is 20mm watch bands, let’s explain in this word, up to 50% business style men watches are with a 20mm watch bands.

Are watch bands universal?

Firstly, my question is yes. You might have a Japanese brand watch or swiss brand watch or Chinese brand watch, but their ways to measure the sizes are the same, so when a 22mm watch band is compatible to a Citizen watch which lugs is 22mm, it must be also compatible to a Rolex watch or a Seagull watch with 22mm watch lugs.

Actually, it’s easy to aware that the width of a strap is corresponded to the watch two lugs inner side (which we always say lug width), no matter in what way you identify the size of its straps, numbers are universal, it makes sure the same size number will fit well to your watch.

Regarding the length of the straps, it varies according to the manufacturer as well as a different material. The length doesn’t universal, so you need to make sure the length will fit well on your wrist. For example, two pieces of leather straps length might be 120mm*80mm or 115mm*75mm or any other size. If counting the buckle style, the size would be much complicated.  But you don’t need to worry too much, because most of the straps can be adjusted according to your wrist.

What is the largest watch band size?

If you have a big wrist and barely find a suitable size to your wrist, then you can go for the choice of NATO straps. That design can suit the largest watch band as I know. One-piece NATO straps can reach to 30mm wrist or more.

What size watch should I wear?

What? You say “I don’t even have a watch”. Well, I am shocked that you come here. According to the modern trend of large timepieces, you must go with some standards. In case your wrist assesses 6 to 7 inches of circumference, you belong to a small to medium category. In that scenario, you should go for 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm cases of the watch. But, if your wrist circumference varies between 7.5 to 8 inches, then 44mm and 46mm watch cases can be better for you. All-in-all, your wrist circumference decides the watch case size for you.

According to different occasions, you have a different choice too. If you go for business, a medium-size around 40mm would be suitable. If you go for outdoor, a big dial sport watch could be your choice.

How big is a 40mm watch?

If your wrist measures somewhere near 6mm and 7mm then your wrist size belongs small to medium category. In that case, you must know that 40 mm also lies in the range of small to medium diameter cases including 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm. In short, it’s not too big.


With the above guide, you can surely find a perfect watch band size for your wrist. All you need to keep in mind that you want the band to snug you tight or you prefer lost fitting. Once you calculate an idea about this, you will not find any challenges in getting the right band to adore the beauty of your wrist. Pay keen attention to all the watch strap details and stay tuned with the changing time while wearing a beautiful watch with a perfect strap.