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How To Replace A Strap For Your Amazfit T-Rex2 Watch: Quick & Easy Tutorial

How To Replace A Strap For Your Amazfit T-Rex2 Watch

A watch is a unique accessory that not only helps us keep track of time, but also reflects our taste and personality. However, many people usually only consider the style and function of the watch face when choosing a watch, while ignoring the importance of the watch strap.

The choice of watch straps can not only change the appearance of the watch, but also increase comfort and durability. In this article, we will show how to choose and change the Amazfit T-Rex2 bands correctly.

Ⅰ. How to Replace The Amazfit T-Rex2 Band

Step1: Preparing An Amazfit T-Rex2 Watch And New Watch Straps

  • Find a bright, flat work surface to ensure that you can easily find and manipulate the details of the strap connection part.
  • Take your watch off and make sure it is turned off or in sleep mode.

Step 2: Attach The Strap To The Dial Plate

  • The strap is attached by screws with raw ears, so you need to take everything apart.
  • Insert one end of the new band into the watch connection point, making sure that the groove of the band is aligned with the watch connection point.
  • Hold it in place with your fingers, then proceed to the next step

Step 3: Install Pins And Screws

  • Install the needle that comes with the watch through the pinhole, at this time you need to use some force to press it into.
  • Then put the screw in the pinhole on the other side, and use the screwdriver to tighten the screw.

After installing one band, install the other band in the same way.

Step 4: Check The New Watch Straps

  • Check that the new watch bands is securely installed. You can gently pull on the strap to make sure it doesn't come loose easily.
  • Wear the watch and make sure the strap fits your wrist and is not too loose or too tight.

Tips: We have prepared a detailed video tutorial for you to help you more clearly understand every step of how to change the watch band, ensuring that you can smoothly and easily complete the band change to give your watch a new look.
Just click this link to jump to Hemsut YouTube:

Ⅱ. How To Choose Bands For Amazfit T-Rex2

As the Amazfit T-Rex2, which has been on the market for more than a year, is still well received by the public, and it continues the rough and tough fashion design of the previous generation Amazfit T-Rex. The raised watch frame, tight buttons (stainless steel), highly recognizable guard bridge (stainless steel), the hard lines spreading from the crown to the strap and even the English font on the watch frame can make people feel a strong military wind, Jeep wind, especially the front four strong functional wind metal cutting screws, the details highlight the eclectic Amazfit T-Rex2.

Amazfit T-Rex2 has no competition in the hard outdoor smartwatch, why do you say so? Because traditional smartwatches do not have a tough outdoor style, Casio and Garmin watches have not yet achieved sports, health and business functions. If you buy this watch, in order to adapt to your outdoor sports, you need to buy the right material and suit your style. Third-party straps offer a variety of options, like Hemsut.


Amazfit TREX 2 | Military Nylon Loops


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