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Stephen Curry Wins 2021 NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest!

On 7th, March 2021 evening, Stephan Curry got 31 points in the first round of the NBA All-Star Three-point Game, which breaking the Three-point contest scoring record; in the second round, Curry got 28 points and finally won his second All-Star Three-point Game Championship. Another three-point scoring record--- since Curry joined the League, he has put his name on the top of every three-point record, now he is walking to his most important record—the Top Three-Score shooter which is under the name of Ray Allen.

"There was no special preparation, when the lights came on, it was just enjoying the game. Three-point shooting is also helpful for me to develop my shooting feeling, so I'll just go up and shoot a few threes and hopefully end up winning the game." Curry said about the three-point contest Curry before he went to the board.

The three-point contest has been a regular visitor. 2010, rookie Curry participated in his first three-point contest, 2013, Curry again participated in the three-point contest. 2014, Curry participated in the three-point contest for the third time, regrettably again accompanied.

Finally, in 2015, Curry beat a bunch of good players to get the championship of the three-point contest. However, in 2016, he was beaten by his teammate Thompson and failed to defend his title. 2019, Curry participated in the three-point contest for the sixth time and was beaten by Harris. This year is Curry's seventh appearance in the three-point contest.


This season, Curry has hit 169 threes, which is the first in the league. The first round of the three-point contest in All-Star 2021, Curry's first point Curry got 4 points, the second point Curry found his ‘8-times-lens’, he hit 5 consecutive shots and got 9 points. The third point Curry hit 3 balls and got 6 points. In the fourth point, Curry hit 4 color-ball shots and already got 25 points in total. In the fifth point, Curry got 6 points and finally, he got 31 points, breaking the scoring record of the three-point contest.

Watching Curry's amazing show time, Mitchell kept shaking his head on the sidelines. Curry's outstanding performance also triggered the U.S. media to top list of hot topics, and the three-point contest also rushed into the national hot search list.

In the second round, Curry had some problem in some points, but he finished the last kill-shooting and goaled 28 which just made him won the game at last.

Stephan Curry can do everything on the board and he got the biggest contracts in 2017 which mean we definitely can buy everything he want. What kind of watches do he once worn?

1, Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea


2, Cartier Santos 100


3, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore


4, Rolex President Day-Date II


5, Movado Museum Classic

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The one that most shock me is the Movado Museum Classic, absolutely it’s a good watch and classy design, but it’s not in the same level as Curry, its retail price is around $1000USD. From the picture, we can’t sure Curry worn a Museum quartz or Museum Automatic. Below we will share about the Automatic model:

How is Movado Museum Classic?

The first automatic Verizon of Museum collection is a blend of art and mechanic beauty. Without a single superfluous line, this watch is clean, pure and simple, and these do make it fit all your occasion anywhere and anytime.

The name of the Swiss Movado Watch Museum Collection comes from the extraordinary dial design, the inspiration for which was confirmed in 1947, as was the case with the designer of this artistic dial, Nathan George. As the designer of this artistic dial, Nathan George Howitt, said. As the designer of this artistic dial, Nathan George Howitt, put it, "We don't know time in numerical order, we only know it as the position of the earth along its orbit around the sun." As an artist of the Bauhaus school, he gave this dial an artistic attribute of simplicity, refinement and practicality, and this minimalist beauty received numerous accolades, and in 1960 it was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, becoming the first dial to be selected for the museum's permanent collection, hence the name "Museum Dial". The "Museum Dial" is also named after it.


Looking at the design of the dial, except for the iconic sun at 12 o'clock, all the elements are concealed by the designer in the subtle corners of the dial, waiting for those who are willing to dig and appreciate, such as the brand name set at the lower edge of the dial at 6 o'clock, which is integrated into the SWISS MADE logo, allowing the wearer to trace the brand through the moving design can be said to be a wise person. Unlike the stick hands of the classic museum dial, the new museum collection adopts a silvered toffee hand design, which is like two shining comets against the dark cosmic dial color, piercing the silence as time keeps changing its trajectory.


The bezel is designed in the Roman Coliseum style with an outer arch, subtly linking the sapphire glass and the case theme, with four tripod-shaped curved lugs, as if a stage of life wrapped around the wrist, allowing the wearer to freely express his or her first life. The back of the watch features a sapphire-glass crystal, through which the movement can be viewed in all its vibrant glory, and a crown with the classic Swiss watchmaking screw-in design for easy calendar adjustment and an M-shaped logo engraved on the top.


The movement is the Sellita SW200 automatic movement with 26 jewel bearings, which offers excellent winding efficiency and power reserve, and a 38-hour power reserve for everyday use. The 21mm watch strap has a quick release setting for easy change and versatility!


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