10 Best Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic

Samsung Gear S3 watch is a cool watch with lots of amazing features. As a sport-style watch, people always go to the gym and outdoor activities with it,  so you will surely need a watch band replacement to strap your Samsung S3 to your wrist, to make it look new and and wearable, and aslo to secured against falling off your hand and getting damaged. You need a wrist band attached to this watch to get the most out of it. Before getting a new replaced Gear S3 watch band, you might need to know some information for it first, like size request, material pros and cons. this article will show you the 10 best watch bands for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic.

How to Choose the Best Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3 Watch

There are a few important factors you need to consider if you want the best watch bands for your Samsung S3 gear, these include but not limited to;

  • Choose the right type
  • Choose the right size
  • Choose the proper length
  • Use the right watch band tool
  • Go for the right hardware and material

There are several types of watch bands you can consider for your Samsung S3, the main ones are; Nylon bands, premium leather, Silicone, and Stainless steel. The nylon type is breathable and offers great convenience. The premium leather is more classic and very stylish in design, it is also one of the most durable options. The silicone material band has a very comfortable texture that is quite comfortable on your wrist while stainless bands are highly durable especially with magnetic clasps.

Choosing the right size of the wrist band for your Samsung S3 gear is the most important factor to consider. To choose the right size, simply make sure you get the 22mm watch bands for every design you want. If a strap is too big for you, it will simply pop or bunch off and if it is too small, it will produce an annoying motion or gap as the watch moves from the strap. So 22mm straps is the Mr. Right for your Samsung Gear S3.

Choose the proper length even though most watch straps have a standard length that fits most wrists. If you have wrists that are too large or too big, you may want to consider a shorter or longer wrist band. You should rather go for a wrist band with variable length to save time and money. Make sure you take a measurement of your wrist with a soft tape and add 1-3 millimeters to get your accurate length. If your wrist is too small, you can get a leather hole punch tool and add more hole to your leather watch bands.

It is important to get the right wrist band removal tool such as the spring bar tool to remove the band from your wrist and prevent accidental damage to the band or watch. Most people use a screwdriver or knife but these may scratch your watch or band. Now every order from Hemsut Watch Bands will have a free spring bard tool together, click here to select one.

It is also important you check the hardware type of the wrist band before you purchase it. In many cases, wristbands come with buckles, but some don’t come with buckles and you end up spending extra to get them. Replacement hardware like brushed or stainless steel is also ideal for your Samsung S3 gear. If you want an exotic strap, you should go for the crocodile, stingray, or lizard strap material hardware.

  Review of Top Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3 Watch

According to expert reviews on Samsung Gear S3 watch, the following are the top-most considerations:

  1. Maxjoy Gear S3 Frontier Classic Nylon Band

This is one of the best Gear S3 you should consider. It is a 46mm size band that can be adjusted to suit your wrist measurement. It also comes with a 22 mm quick-release replacement strap plus a metal buckle. It is available in Army green color, and it is made from durable quality nylon fabric. The hand-knitting of fabric will prevent the loss of the thread. The band makes it very easy to use your Gear S3 for sports and leisure. The adjustable size comes with 12 holes to suit your wrist length. The wrist band comes with a 1year manufacturer warranty period.

2. Snowoxen Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands, Gear S3 Bands

This is a 46mm size, dark brown S3 watch band for men and women. Very premium-looking, comfortable, and durable, this wrist band is made from a top-layer of string cowhide layer. It has sweat and water-resistant characteristics that make it comfortable for you every time. With its handmade hemming and exquisite stitching, this leather strap will surely make you proud. No tools required for installing the band, simply attach it and wear for sports, play, office, and other engagements. It comes with 24-hour online customer support.

3. TRUMiRR for Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm/Gear S3 Bands

One of the best stainless-steel watch band you can trust. It is a 46mm size band with a quick-release bracelet strap for easy adjustment. It is specially designed for Samsung S3 gear, and it is made from a premium stainless-steel material with great polished finishing. With advanced woven technology, this robust and durable band can stay comfortable on you. It fits wrist lengths of 5.7 to 8.5”, and it has a sporty look with no sharp edges.

4. BARTON Watch Bands – Soft Silicone Quick Release Straps

This is one of the coolest silicon material wrist bands you can choose right now. It comes in varying colors and widths. The width varies from 16 to 24mm. The silky-smooth band is made from premium rubber and comes with a quick-release feature for safety. The buckle enters several holes that help you vary the length, and the back is textured to prevent slipping while improving your comfort and airflow. It is a water-resistant watch and it is washable. It fits wrists measuring 5.75” to 8”.

5. V-MORO Metal Strap Compatible with Galaxy Gear S3 Bands

This is a classy stainless-steel silver-colored men’s watch bands designed for Samsung G3 gear watch. It is characterized by a matte surface and the stainless material itself has a premium coating that makes it classy and stylish. It is designed to fit wrist sizes measuring between 4.92 and 9.25 “. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Fullmosa Compatible Samsung Galaxy 46mm/Gear S3 Band

This is a quick-release smart leather watchband for Samsung S3 watch. It measures 22mm in lug width but has holes and a buckle to adjust the length to your wrist size. Made from a soft, classy, and stylish premium leather material, this watch band comes with a quick-release to make it easy to release the strap immediately. It has a total length of 7.87”. It comes in a genuine Fullmosa box.

7. Loxan Gear S3 Frontier / Galaxy Watch (46mm) Bands with Quick Release Pins

With a 2-in-1 pack, this should be one of your top money-savers. It comes with a 22 mm genuine leather replacement, and it is easy to wear and remove from your wrist. The strap comes with stainless steel buckle, while the band itself is made of treated leather with excellent craftsmanship to complete its design. This secured genuine leather watch strap comes at an affordable price, and it fits wrist sizes of between 6.1” to 8.1” in size. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty with a possible full refund.

8. The Moco Band for Samsung Gear S3

This band comes with Samsung watch lugs at each end, thus saving you money on those. With one button removal, you can easily install this band to the S3. There are a pin and tuck closure to ensure that the band fits snugly. The metal parts of this band are made from nickel-free stainless steel hence they are not hypoallergenic. It is finished with a sporty look comprising of a soft silicone body. It fits within the 5.51 and 8.46” range.

9. LDFAS Titanium Band Compatible for Galaxy Watch

Another cool band for Samsung Gear S3. The 22mm quick release strap will help you adjust the length of the strap. It can be adjusted from 5.51 to 8.07”. The link and buckle of the band are made from Titanium material that is strong and durable.

10. Hemsut Vintage Leather watch band HB112

Hemsut HB112 Vintage leather watch bands are made of high quality Horween Chromexcel Leather. Chromexcel as one of my favorites materials I ever choose, is combined tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate process which spends 28 days and utilizing all 5 floors of Horween facility. It’s comfy and good-smell, after some time of wearing on your wrist, the color make it more vintage look which I like it very much. High recommend this.


Which is the best watch bands for Samsung Gear S3 watch? While the answer is different to everyone. Some people like leather straps very much, while some people fond of silicone. For a place that including leather, silicone, premium canvas and Waven Nylon, you may want to check out Hemsut Watch Bands for more information. Don’t forget to look out for interchangeable bands that are easy to handle, they will make your wrist band a lot more comfortable. Having the option of customizing your S3 watch especially with different types of bands can be exciting, but you must not compromise on quality when setting out your budget. Generally, these bands reviewed here are affordable, despite having durable and more stylish components and design. Having multiple bands for your S3 watch is also not a bad idea if you want more flexibility.