The Top 5 Third Party Watch Bands Company Online

The history of wristwatches began in Europe in the 16thcentury. Watches evolved from clocks and were designed to be portable. The development of wristwatches began in 1916 where most Europeans were starting to wear bracelets that had clocks on them. This new trend meant that time had moved to the human wrist.

Many people are fond of vintage watch, they collect these watches with many years used and then have watch restoration. If you have a vintage watch and you would like it have maintenance and see it look brand new again, then you might need it to have a complete professional restoration. What would do for the watch if a complete restoration? Well, that is complicated and really need to be done by a watch master. Encompassing servicing to the movement, watch case, dial, pointers, crystal and watch band.  Coming to the watch bands, a leather watch band cannot be restoration, you have to get a replaced watch bands if the original one worn out. All watch can be replaced watch band in its original watch shops, but it’s really expensive and not recommended. Unlike stainless steel watch bands, many third-party watch band make very good quality watch band as original and they have more designs available. Where should you get a good replaced watch band?  The followings are the information of the top 5 third party watch bands company that you should know.

Top third-party watch bands company

Another interesting fact about wristwatches is that you can get to switch out and experiment on various types of watch bands at any time. This feature on watches allows you to have versatility in the design of your watch and you also get to test out different materials to find which the perfect fit is and design for you.

Since the market for watches is always constant and ever-growing, the demand for watch bands is becoming increasingly popular. Most people would prefer to buy one timeless and expensive watch piece and have the luxury of changing out the straps for both fashion and longevity.

The development of the watch industry has also seen the introduction of various watch band designs. Some of the most famous types of watch band materials include; NATO, silicone bands, leather, and stainless steel.

Instead of buy a strap from original brand-owner company, get a new replaced watch band from third-party watchbands company is also a good choice, you can get same maybe similar straps at very good price and they also have much more design available than the watch company has. There are a lot of third-party watchbands company available online. In this article,  we introduce the 4 most well-know and trustable company in the market:

  1. HERMES watch bands
  2. HODINKEE Straps
  3. BARTON Watch Bands
  4. Crown and Buckle watch straps
  5. Hemsut Watch Bands

Hermes Watch bands—Price range US$70-US$150

Hermes Paris is a French high luxury manufacturer established in 1837. Hermes specializes in leather and lifestyle accessories among other luxury items. Being one of the longstanding watch brands to exist, the brand consists of elegantly made watches that are well crafted to be used as daily wearable pieces.

Hermes is popularly known for its saddle stitch material that promotes durability of the products. In 2003, Hermes came up with a unique watch collection known as the Hermes Dressage Watch. The watches are fitted with fine and quality leather straps making them a unique selection of luxury timepieces.

When Hermes teamed up with Apple to create the Hermes Apple watchband, the whole game changed as people were now able to combine a timeless classic with a functional classic and the combination was one to be reckoned with.

The Hermes Apple watch band comes with a single or double tour band that is exceptionally soft and comfortable when worn. The brand name Hermes is also engraved at the end of the clasp all so subtly. The Hermes Apple Watch is all about the experience as most of the features offered are to offer optimum experience to the buyers.

Hermes is famous for its luxury handbags and other fashion items, watchbands is only a very small part of them, most of its watch bands are produced in China and then ship worldwide. Most customers don’t know they have watchbands before they create the series watch bands for Apple watch, after then, Hermes Apple watch bands become a “Rolex” in watch bands. Actually, most of their watch bands are made in China like most other companies do, but the brand “HERMES” make them trust and very expensive.


  1. luxury brand
  2. Certificated Genuine leather
  3. Quality guarantee
  4. Worldwide shipping


  1. very expensive price
  2. No customize service
  3. Few design and pattern, only leather watch bands

Hodinkee.com- Price range: US$100-US$180

This is a New York-based company website that was started in 2008. The name “Hodinky” is derived from a Czech and Slovak word for watches. The company’s main goal is to be the world’s best one-stop online and offline shop for anyone that has an interest in both buying and selling watches.  As I know that selling vintage watch is their main business, apart with selling these luxuries vintage watch, many customers would need replacement watch bands then they have watch bands. They only selling high quality handmade watchbands till now, because these luxury watch wouldn’t not accept a cheap watchband, that is why their watch bands are the most expensive as I know. But they don’t make watch bands themselves, they work with factory and many freelancer leather craftsmen. They also partnered with Hermes to produce two limited-edition Slim d’Hermes watches in the shade ‘Hodinkee Blue’. Hodinkee also Collaborated with ‘Ochs und junior’ on their fifth birthday to produce the ‘Junior Moon phase’.


  1. 100% Handmade leather watch bands
  2. Genuine leather
  3. Quality guarantee.


  1. Very very expensive price
  2. No customize service

Barton Watch Bands-  Price range: US$15-US$50

Barton watch bands was started in Austin Texas and produce hundreds of watch bands with leather, silicone, canvas, nylon, rubber, and NATO-style designs. The straps are quick release and come in a variety of colors and sizes consisting of durable materials.

Barton has been marketing watch band in America for many years. They are not just doing very good marketing in their website but also the bestselling in Amazon, all thier products are in the top list of Amazon watch accessories category.  For example, their Elite silicone watch bands sells over 4,000pcs every month.

Barton do very good marketing and service, but they don’t have factory too, their OEM manufacturers are in Shenzhen and Huizhou, China. They have many designs so every person can choose a watch band from them.


  1. Reasonable price
  2. Quality control
  3. A lot of design and material option
  4. worldwide shipping.


  1. all machine-made product
  2. no high-end material available
  3. no customize service available

Crown and Buckle watch straps—Price range: US$15-US$160

Abbreviated as C&B, Crown and Buckle is a renowned online watch strap company offering custom made and high-quality straps both of nylon and leather materials at reasonable prices.

The company offers straps that are made of handpicked leather with quality stitching that is unique and design-oriented. The straps are made with solid stainless steel buckles and hardware to ensure durability.

Well! The product range of C&B is quite big, their product from Genuine leather, Nylon and Perlon , included US. Handmade and Nylon straps made by machines. They are a professional watch band marketing company, but their quality control ability is not good as others company.


  1. wide product range, customer can choose different product according to budget
  2. A lot of design and material option
  3. U.S customer service is good


  1. price is expensive
  2. quality control ability is weak
  3. no customize service available
  4. no worldwide free shipping

Hemsut watch bands– Price Range: US$15-US$35

Hemsut watch bands has been working with quality leather companies such as Horween US, Badalasssi Carlo, and Veget Italy, as a professional manufacturer-based watch band company, Hemsut had worked for HERMES and BARTON for OEM service, so we know how to control quality. If you are looking for a watch band company that produces quality and top notch bands, this is the website to lookout for. With over 10 years in the watch band game, Hemsut has a vast experience in producing watch bands that fit suit every one of your design and quality needs.

Only high-end leather that is used to make the Hemsut bands. The leather crafts must be treated and well stitched to get rid of any smells and also maintain their longevity. Quick-release feature is another feature that make Hemsut watch bands special, the little nod enable you to exchange watch band in seconds. It has a tiny lever built into them that allows for easy retraction of the springs without the use of tools. This feature is a game-changer especially if you are into wearing the same watch but with multiple straps.

If you are looking to get quality watch bands at very affordable prices, Hemsut is the place to check out. This price range does not take away from the quality of the watch bands. As most of the other companies offer steep prices, Hemsut ensures that each and every person can be able to comfortably afford and maintain a timepiece.

Each band you buy is unique and specially designed to cater to your style needs. This special customizable feature makes the interaction with the product more personal. The options for different types of bands will leave you spoilt for choice as you will be provided with a variety of colors and materials to choose from.

The advantages of buying from Hemsut include;

  • Perfectly fitted, cheap and quality bands for all Sport watch types including, Apple watches, Samsung watches, fossil watches, Ticwatch, Amazon Fitbit, and Withings Nokia watch among others.
  • The company uses stainless steel hardware for all watch bands.
  • Guaranteed money back if the product doesn’t fit your size preference.
  • The company offers worldwide free shipping you can get quality watch bands from anywhere in the world.
  • There are a variety of brands to choose from including, silicone bands, and apple watch bands, Nylon bands, Leather, and NATO bands giving you a lot of options should you choose.
  • Customized Service This is very important, most of company have only standard size watch bands and no custom service. When you have Cartier, AP Royal Oak or any other timepieces with special size, contact for Customize size.


Watches are one of the most long-standing accessories in the whole world. The evolution of watches has led to them being standard pieces of fashion for a lot of people and hence the industry is growing to accommodate the current trends and the market. Buying watch bands is almost similar in experience to buying new outfits in the fashion industry, when you buy a watch piece, having the option of changing out the bands, enables you to have the option a new style. The Above 5 watch band company could be your choice in the straps option. Check with them!

How to find a good strap is a result from many test trial from different watch band company, where else do you recommend to buy a replaced watch bands?