6 UNIQUE Watch Bands for Willful Smartwatch SW021

Willful Smartwatch is available in a range of different products including Willful SW021, Willful Fitness Tracker and Willful Fitness Tracker 2020. Willful Smartwatch is designed to accompany you on your fitness workouts. You can wear it while running, walking, jogging, exercising or whatever fitness activity you plan to do. All of these smartwatches can help you track your fitness routine as well as monitor your heart rate and time.

Today, we will talk about Willful Smartwatch SW021 and recommend some unique watch bands for it.

Willful smartwatch SW021 is one of the bestselling smartwatches in Amazon, at an affordable price about US$36. If you don’t know whether you would like to wear a smartwatch instead of traditional watch or not, you could try this model, it just needs a price of a lunch.

Not to be outdone by his $36 price tag, Willful Smartwatch has received up to 35,000 reviews on Amazon, which is the highest reviews of any watches. Of the nearly 35,000 different reviews, he received an average of 4.5 stars, an approve of these watches are more that its tag “cheap”. While, it does be one of the cheapest smartwatches you can buy through Amazon.


Are Willful smart watches SW021 good? (Pros and Cons)


  • Compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones
  • Sport Fitness Tracker
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Auto Sleep Tracker
  • Silent Vibration Alarm Clock
  • Call /Message Alerts and Display
  • IP68 Swimming Waterproof
  • Super Long Battery Life & Brightness Adjustable
  • Smart Watches with Music Controller
  • Deep Breath Guide Helps You to Relax
  • Stopwatch & Timer


  • Not very good display performance when in sunlight
  • Unable to change the watch faces
  • It does not have a message section
  • Cannot make phone call or answer calls.

Willful Smartwatch SW021 Unboxing, Setup, Guide and Review

Tips to help you use Willful SW021

1.     When you first use the watch, please charge it first to activate it, or it will not tun on.

2.     This smart watch can work with most iOS 8.0/Android 4.4 or above and Bluetooth 4.0 or later smartphones. The app name is ‘VeryFitPro’ . Please install it in your smartphone first, then connect the watch to your smartphone through the app instead of through your phone’s bluetooth list to reach the complete functions.

3.     Before you track your sports date, please enter your information in the app, such as height, weight, age..etc. to get the accurate readings.

4.     When start to track the heart rate, please make the watch touch well with your skin and wait for seconds to get the stable and accurate readings.

5.     Please clean the watch regularly, and keep it clean and dry when wearing.

6.     Please don’t wear the watch too tight or wear it for a long time, so your wrist skin can breath well and feel comfortable.

Can you answer calls on willful smart watch?

No, You can get the alerts and read the messages directly on the watch, but can’t make call or answer text with it.

How to set Call/Text Messages/SNS Notification? (IPHONE)

  1. Make sure Phone/Messaging/Call log permissions open when you first download the ‘VeryFitPro’ app;
  2. Please make sure that the ‘VeryFitPro’ app notification is open in your phone’s setting: Settings>Notifications>VeryFitPro>Allow Notifications;

Note: Make sure Lock Screen/Notification Center/banners is open and always (Default) show previews;

  1. Turn on ‘Call Alert’/’SMS'(Text Messages)/SNS Notification in the ‘VeryFitPro’ app: Open App>Device>Call Alert/SNS Alert>Allow notification>Switch on SMS/SNS app>Click ‘√’ icon to save–>setting done.
  2. Please make sure that ‘Phone’ &’Messages’ & ‘SNS app’ notification is also open in your phone’s setting: Setting>Notifications>’Phone’ & ‘Messages’ & ‘SNS app’>Allow Notifications;

Note: Make sure Lock Screen/Notification Center/banners is open and Always(Default) show previews;

  1. Run ‘VeryFitPro’ app in the phone background and make sure the device is paired with your phone successfully.

How do you connect a willful smart watch?

Connect Willful Smart Watch to iOS: click here to download App VeryFitPro

  1. Using your iPhone, download the VeryFitProapp by the above link or you scan the iOS code on the user instruction.
  2. Turn on the Willful Smart Watch and enable the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  3. Refer to the VeryFitPro app on your phone and go to the “Device” page.
  4. Tap “Bind device” then your phone will automatically search for the device.
  5. On the list of scanned devices, look for “ID205” and pair the Willful Smartwatch to your iPhone.
  6. On the app, you can customize your profile by setting your target calorie rate, and so on.
  7. On the Willful Smartwatch, you can swipe up and down to see more options and explore the device.


Connect Willful Smart Watch to Andorid: click here to download App VeryFitPro

  1. Download the VeryFitPro app from the above link or scan the android QR code on the user’s manual.
  2. Turn on your Willful Smartwatch as well as the Bluetooth of your android phone.
  3. Open the app on your phone and go to the “Device” page.
  4. Tap “Bind Device” then your phone will automatically search for devices.
  5. Look for a device named “ID205” and pair the Willful Smartwatch to your android phone.
  6. Go to the app and customize your profile by setting your preferred rates.
  7. On the Willful Smartwatch, try to swipe up and down just like using any other smartwatch.


If you like fitness, sports or activities, if you are looking for a smartwatch to check your body more scientifically, you may need a tracker that allows you to monitor your time, heart rate, and workout. And that’s exactly what the Willful smartwatch will provide for you.

Many people have bought the same smartwatch, and if you want to make yours stand out, you can consider one of the following bands (Willful Smartwatch SW021 is compatible with 20mm watch bands, please do select the correct size when you buy straps for Willful):

1, Braided Premium Nylon Watch Bands


Blue | Canvas Watch Straps Quick Release


This braided nylon watch bands make its very successful trial in Seiko 5 SNK. These straps make Seiko 5 SNK one of the bestsellers, which should be give this strap a big credit. The breathable braided material also makes it very comfortable to wear, like silicone watch bands, this straps also fit perfectly in Smartwatch, included Apple watch and Samsung watch. I tried this watch band with Willful SW021, turns out to be a good choice. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

2, Black in White Military Nylon Weaved Watch Bands


Black | Nylon Watch Band


This two-pieces military Nylon watch Bands are a new collection from Hemsut, take the same pattern as Omega NATO straps, are very choice for sport watch and outdoor watch. There are 6 colors available including full black, black with orange stitches, black in white, blue, green and khaki. With this colorful strap, you are able to change your Willful smartwatch a unique look. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

3, Casual Canvas leather hybrid Watch bands


Black | Canvas Watch Bands Quick Release | Hemsut


This canvas watch band is crafted by premium weaved material and hybrid with genuine leather in bottom, very comfortable. It’s not only a very welcome pattern watch band in America, but also perfectly fit smartwatch like SW021. There are 3 sizes (18mm,20mm, 22mm) and 7 colors available (black, black in white, blue, coffee, green, white and grey), please do remember to choose 20mm strap size for Willful SW021. It’s absolutely no problem in carrying the responbility to deliver your timepiece an awesome new look. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

4, Retro Horween Leather watch bands


Natural | Thin Horween Leather Watch Band | Hemsut


This strap is made of Chromexcial Leather from Horween US. Company. If you are looking for an elegant feel for your Willful SW021, you should consider this strap. Actually, Horween Chromexcial leather has been made for different design watch straps for the pass decades, and it always stay as one of the Best materials in US. Market. With modern-day tools and methods known, they are created distinguished by their unrivaled level of quality, consistency, and creativity.

Many people are doubt about waterproof of leather watch bands. Yes, they are right. Watch in leather straps should not be taken to swim or shower, but consider to SW021, this watch is not a swim watch, why do we care about the water resistant for the straps? Consider to the unique look they give to SW021, you should have it a trial. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

5, Elegant Mastrotto Leather Watch bands


Mastrotto Leather Watch Bands Quick Release | Saddle | Hemsut


Leather straps always cannot be the first choice of replaced watch bands as silicone straps, but we can’t deny the elegant look that leathers deliver to watches while other straps can’t, that’s why leather straps never go out of fashion in its long-time history. This strap has a pattern like stones, I bet that you can’t find same pattern in other place, the best part is, they look perfect in Willful smartwatch. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

6, Camouflage Military Silicone leather hybrid watch bands


Camouflage | Silicone & Leather Hybrid Watch Straps


Talking about replaced watch band for smart watch, no matter what model it is, silicone straps won’t go wrong. This strap is made with a solid combination of camouflage silicone and leather; available in 5 colors, black, brown, camouflage, white and pink. people who love the comfort of a silicone and prefer the style pattern of a leather band must opt for this one. After tried different colors, I personal like the Camouflage one, because it’s not just a unique military pattern, but also make the SW021 light weight and comfortable to wear. Tired of always silicone bands same as every one, try this one new now.

Silicone watch bands are always featured with soft, comfortable, and water-resistant. This silicone straps are made of top material that ensures skin-friendly and a long-lasting life. Plus, the texture looks grand for women or men. Hunting for a wonderful replacement band?  Here it is the best option!

From Amazon,There are many smart watches have similar appearance like Willful SW021, including Popglory、Letsfit、Vigorun、Judneer、Lifebee and IdealRoyal so on,They all would look great with these straps. Smartwatches are also a fashion and should reject the same old silicone strap approach.

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