Best watch band for Samsung galaxy watch 46mm and 42mm

Samsung galaxy watch

The best watch band for Samsung galaxy watch in 2020

In the era of rapid growth, watches can never go out of fashion primarily, where a manufacturer designs a watch to glorify your wrist. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy watch, it ultimately portrays a well-mannered image by its unique color options and its sober designs. Its efficient storage space and its exciting up-to-date features make it the best watch in the market. Moreover, you can make your watch more exciting by getting galaxy watch bands to amplify the design even more. Scroll down to gather all the necessary information that can be assistive for you in buying the best Samsung galaxy 46 band and band for Samsung galaxy watch of 42 mm size.

Samsung galaxy watch Overview

Samsung galaxy watch

A perfect combination of a smartwatch as well as an analog watch, Samsung Galaxy stands up for its authenticity. It is not a random watch that only tells you about the ticking off the clock, but it also endows you with fitness features. Moreover, if you are tired of keeping a keen eye on your phone, then Samsung galaxy watch is the best fit for you to attach it with your smartphone.

No matter what the occasion or plan you have, you can get a trendy and impressive looking Samsung galaxy 46 bands to make your watch look even more beautiful. Whether you seek to buy 22mm watch bands or 20mm watch bands, you will get plenty of choices in bands of both lug widths. If you do not want to spend money on buying watches but also do not want to wear the same watch for the whole calendar month, then buying straps can be the best investment for you.

It is not the climax yet; however, you are getting a fully waterproof and fantastic battery life when we talk about Samsung galaxy watch. This watch is not an old and boring one, but it can let you get rid of your boredom as it has got improved software along with the options to load ample playlists on the watch. In short, it’s a win-win situation for you if you purchase the Samsung galaxy watch. Now, the real hurdle comes when you want to buy all the straps when you can’t choose the best among all. But, the following is the guide to assist you in making the right purchase.

msung galaxy watch

Samsung galaxy watch Features

Here is the list of Samsung galaxy watch features.

  • Dual-core processer: 1.15GHZ
  • Internal storage: 4GB
  • Variants: Bluetooth and LTE
  • Battery capacity: 472 mAh for 46mm and 270mAh for 42 mm
  • Size options: 42 mm and 46mm
  • Glass: Gorilla glass covering
  • Tizen version: OS 4.0
  • Working: Both with iOS and Android
  • Screen size: 1.3 inches and 1.2 inches for 44 mm and 42 mm respectively
  • Water resistance: Up to 5ATM
  • Color options: Rose Gold and Midnight Black in 42 mm and Silver in 46 mm
  • Lug width: 20 mm and 22 mm

Samsung galaxy watch Sizing & Lug Width

When it comes to checking the watch size and lug width, you come across two different variants that are available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Firstly, the watch has two sizes, one of which is 46 mm, and the other one is 42 mm, and therefore the lug width also varies accordingly. For 46 mm watch, you get the lug width of 22 mm, and you can get a 20 mm lug width with a 42 mm watch. Typically, both the sizes are a few universal sizes as you can get plenty of watchband choices due to these lug width variants. The best thing is that if you are too skinny, then you will not have to disappoint by wearing broad 22mm watch bands as 20mm lug width is available for you. All-in-all, two lug width options make the watch the best fit for all, no matter what is the wrist size of a person.

Best Straps Recommend

When it comes to recommending the best straps for Samsung watch bands, we care about your choices and endow you with the best options that can add charm to your wrist. Though there are a plethora of opportunities available in the market, we will provide you the information about straps according to the people’s occasions as well as their lifestyle choices such as alligator grain embossed band and leather band for formal looks and canvas bands for something casual, etc. Here is the guide for you, which
explains all the things in quite a vivid manner that can make you stand out of the crowd, along with making your wrist look amazing. Scroll down if you want to gain the best information available on the table.

Alligator grain embossed band

Alligator grain embossed band

In case you are a swimmer or want to dive into the depths of seas or rivers, then you certainly need an alligator grain embossed calf band. Its waterproof resistant properties will never let you feel the need to remove your watch, whether you are drenched with water or want to have a quick shower when you have no time to remove accessories. Above that, it can also endow you with odour resistant properties due to which you need not worry about any stinky smell touching your nose. Not merely this, but you will be glad to know that you are also going to get stain-resistant properties in this watch band where you need not worry even when a liquid or something else drops on your strap. Thus, it is one of the most wanted Samsung watch bands among the populace.

One-piece NATO straps

NATO straps

One-piece NATO straps are out of the box option available in the market as these do not contain any dull or ordinary designs. However, its texture has tactical style along with the high durability that makes it a comfortable option for the people who love wearing watches. When you attach NATO straps with Samsung Galaxy watch, then nothing can beat their perfect combination ever. Above that, you can easily change these straps when you are running late for a meeting or a party. Thus, these are the easy-to-replace Samsung watch bands that come in a sleek design.

Silicon watch bands

Silicon watch bands

If you are a sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, then Silicon Watch bands are the best gig for you when you are seeking to buy the best Samsung watch bands. Typically, it is a breathable, durable, flexible, and lightweight choice that you must make for better care of your wrist. If you are wearing a solid color t-shirt in combination with shorts or jeans, then silicon watch bands are perfect for making you look casual but trendy.

Leather watch bands

Another choice to suit your style can be the leather watch strap, as you can get a lot of color options in it. A genuine leather watchband can make your watch look nice and sturdy. If you are looking for such galaxy watch bands which can go well with all your attire, then leather watch bands are the perfect fit for you. The soft, supple leather will not let you feel cold like the metal strap touch; however, it will give you very cozy vibes. In the plenty of options available in the leather watch bands, one thing that is going to be ordinary is its broad width. Yes, it is the best Samsung galaxy 46 band choice for you because leather does not seem too classy in slim designs. So, you will find this option best in 22mm watch bands rather than 20mm watch bands.

Canvas watch bands

Then comes the unbeatable option both in 20mm watch bands as well as 22mm watch bands, and that is canvas watch bands. It is a durable watch band that can endow you with the facility to play or do whatever you want without any worry about the watch you are wearing. It can go well with your office suits or when you are going to attend the meetings. So, canvas watch bands are more of an official getup than the casual one.

Paracord watch band

The paracord
watchband can be the best option among all the Samsung watch bands for you if you are looking for something which can make your watch look like a bracelet. If you spend most of your time outdoors and want to wear your watch regularly without feeling heaviness on your wrist, then paracord watch band is something that you will always admire no matter what.

Other watch bands

  • Among the list of other designs, you can choose the stainless steel watch bands which are effortless to slip off and on. These super stretchy watch bands can match the contours of your Samsung galaxy watch perfectly.
  • Also, you can get the sporty style Silicone watch bands, which can go well with all your sneakers as these are available in a lot
    of vibrant color options.


All-in-all there are a plethora of options available for you if you are looking to buy Samsung watch bands. All you need to know your choice and occasion well before purchasing the straps. Also, if your budget is compromising, then you must ensure to buy a watch band that can go well with most of your outfits. Get the perfect watch band for yourself before the most impressive watch band go out of stock.


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