Things You Need to Know About Seiko SNZF17 and The Best Watch Band Recommended

There are many kinds of different watches in the world, but Seiko SnzF17 could be the first dive watch to many people, not just because of its price, but also its durable. The watch was first launched in 1996. This watch is also sometimes titled as the sea urchin watch for its deep blue design. Seiko is a brand that chose to dangerously dive into their own field to create a unique style. The reason why the company is successful in general is because of their willingness to ensure their products actually have an identity and are not just cheap copies of what is popular at the moment. This watch is very good for someone who plays sports. For example, if you want to watch to go swim with you in this summer, SNZF17 can be your good choice. It is also one of the best automatic watches.

The watch is also very sturdy. It does not break so easily like others. One function that is very good with this watch is the day and date function. We find that this operates better than other companies like Rolex and is a nice feature. This feature is very nice and is one of our favorite features for the watch in general. 

What is the price range of SEIKO SNZF17?

Searching the price of the Seiko SNZF17 sea urchin series, you can see that the price range is from $130-$200. If you can be patients to wait for a sale, then you might be able to also it in just $100 or below, and if you know the dive watch of Omega or Rolex, you’re sure to know that it’s only a small amount for a dive watch. That is why we say you will not regret to have this watch to be your first diving watch, let’s say it’s a watch that you should have one in your whole life. Coming to the price again, the store from where you are purchasing the clock also matters. Therefore, it is all your choice to select a store that are able to offer you the best deal.

Seiko snzf17 Watch Features

Seiko SnzF17 provides a wide variety of features to its consumer. The watch has a stainless steel case with an all stainless steel strap. This makes it look very fancy to wear. The crown for the watch is very small, but you can still access it.

The watch is 100m water-resistant but not screw down crown which is a pity. This means that you can go swimming and do other activities with it but, we would not recommend it because it still might damage. You can also turn the Bazzle on the watch to where you would like it at. Many people acclaim that they have lots of fun turning the Bazzle back and forth. It is a very unique option for Seiko and we recommend it for anyone to try out. With all of these features, the SEIKO SNZf17 is very fun to wear. The water resistance for this watch is something that is very commendable because a lot of other companies are not doing this.

Personally I have a problem of dropping digital items into water or other types of liquids. Having a water resistant feature gives me enough assurance that this will not happen and my watch will be fine.

Seiko SNZF17 Pros and Cons


Here is the list of pros of the Seiko SNZF17 Sea urchin watch which you must know when this model is in your shopping list.

  • Classic design and watch looking with Rolex Submariner
  • 316L Stainless Steel case
  • Day and date function display
  • water resistance up to 100m, enable you swim or shower with it
  • Affordable price for an automatic watch
  • 22mm replacement watch band is very easy to find
  • Scratch resistant hardlex crystal window
  • Luminous hands and index, very easy to read time at dark time.
  • ceramic bezel


Everything pros and cons are coming together, a buyer should consider the cons at the same time when they think about pros, but I think it doesn’t matter too much because when you are into one design, everything is stay outside the door.

  • Not screw down crown
  • Non backing and no manual winding Older generation movement
  • Time error sometimes is too much

Seiko Nzf17 strap & lug Width

Seiko’s sizing for its watches may look very small compared to other watches on the market. Seiko has a lug width of 22mm. Their buckle size is 20mm. This size may seem small to you but the length is adjustable. The lug to lug measurement for the watch is 46 and the case size is 41mm. For their thickness, it is about 12.7. This is very good for a watch because it means that it is very durable and can pull through various different circumstances. The size of the Seko snzf17 is very good and affordable for you.

This strap and lug width is very nice because it is not too bad for regular people’s hands to adjust to. There are many different types of straps for your liking also. We will get into these different types in the next paragraphs.

Different Straps Review

There are many different straps that will fit for your Seiko snf17. If you are a person who want more strap collections for the watch, you might be interested in the choices we are about to mention. There are many different collections of straps that you can buy. From leather to canvas, and even Nylon straps.

An official strap is very expensive to most of people, so many of the third-party straps will be a very good choice for. They have more designs and are also very durable, only $15 to $40 can be acceptable to most of people. Please allow me have a little advertising^_^^_^, If you are looking for a place to buy your straps, Hemsut has hundreds of designs that is very fit for Seiko snf17, and we also provide suitable size for any of the Seiko watches you may have.

Seiko SNZF17 watches usually show us sports and casual feeling, so Canvas, and NATO straps can be a good choice for your backup option. Another reason is that you can get NATO watch wraps in an affordable price without hurting your pocket. Sometimes, you might need something that can fit well with your clothes, shoes or belts too, then you can get many color collections in Suede straps. For further assistance, you can check out the following review of the leather watch band, Canvas watch bands, Jetson NATO straps, and Silicone watch bands to know more about the option,  so that you can choose the best straps that you need.

Leather Watch Bands

Leather watch bands for Seiko Snzf17 are if you prefer an old and classic look. There is nothing too shiny or colorful about this strap, it just does its job in the right way. The straps are the perfect definition of the all-purpose strap. There is also a quick-release bar to make your ban exchange in seconds.

The leather straps are also very soft, pliable, waterproof, and versatile. They come in different colors from navy blue to light brown. They also have a black color which looks very nice. If you are a person who is all about the classics then this strap is the one for you.

For me personally this leather band is one of my favorite straps. When it comes to the Seiko Snzf17, you cannot go wrong by buying this. If you are still unsure whether to buy it or not. Make sure to check other customer reviews to see what other people think.

Canvas Watch Band

The canvas watchband is more of a quick-release band that is crafted with embroidered style and amazing strength. It’s just the kind of durable strap you need for the Seiko SNZf17. The black canvas for this watch adds a lot of quality to any piece and can be swapped in and out with any tools.

There are many different colors that go into this band also. From black, blue, green, grey, and red. The width for the watch comes in at 18mm and can go to 22mm. This makes the watch customizable and adjustable to any size wrist that you may have. The canvas watch band is for people who are not too old fashioned and would like something more new age in design.

Lastly, the band has stainless steel hardware which is good for the spring bar.

One Piece NATO Straps

Nylon NATO straps are an even more durable strap that is more customizable for your liking. The strap is crafted in premium seat belt weave nylon with custom stitching and 316L surgical grade stainless steel. The band is waterproof, washable and a fit for all occasions. This is very good for the Seko Snzf17 because the watch itself is one of durability.

The length of this band can go from 16 to 26cm which can be customizable for people. Some of the colors come in gold which makes it very good to look at.

Silicone Straps

The silicone strap has a very kidlike appearance in itself. There are many different colors for this silicone strap. Some of them which I like are the camo and pink strap. The hybrid leather is very safe, comfortable, colorful, and even waterproof.

The band itself is very natural, which many people will like. The colors of the silicone straps are very dynamic bands that are also professional in their own way. You can also customize this look if you are a man or woman. It does not matter when it comes to this band. The band itself is 125mm and 80mm.


The Seiko snzf17 is a very nice and affordable watch that comes with various different styles and colors for your particular liking. If you are looking to buy this watch, you definitely should. It is very affordable to your particular liking. If you are looking for some watch band collections for different occasions with your timepieces , we Hemsut are always here to take care of what you need.


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