The Best Watch Band for Seiko 5 SNK

With clearly defined principles, Seiko designed its go-to-beater watch that is Seiko 5 SNK. The only issue is that one can only get it with a rubber strap or bracelet in the jubilee style. If you also have the same watch, then you cannot stay in monotony every day of the week; however, you will love to have exciting transformations of the watch with eye-catching straps. What is the best watch band for SEIK 5 SNK? The following guide can surely assist you in getting the best watch band to adore your wrist.

SEIKO 5 SNK watch Overview

Combination of impressive craftsmanship with elegant aesthetic, SEIKO 5 SNK watches come with truly mechanical style. These watches are bang-for-the-buck “luxury” watches armed with luminous hands and markers, and its military-inspired deal serves the purpose diligently. All-in-all, SEIKO 5 SNK watches are the best investment that you can make in the category of watches.

The most prominent thing is that you cannot enter into automatic watch series at such a price with which allows you to purchase SEIKO 5 SNK watches. If you want to buy the very first watch for your kid or a gift for a teenager, then any watch from SEIKO 5 SNK watch series can be the best gig for you. In short, it is such a great brand that you can get at a great price deal.

Above all, you can never ignore its water-resistant feature, which allows the buyers to dive into 100 ft down the water without worrying about the watch. Once you wear this watch, confidence is quite apparent to come as it brings the best features on your desk. It is all about the SEIKO 5 SNK watch overview, but you can delve into the details of this watch series by following essential points such as SEIKO 5 SNK straps option, pros and cons, etc.

SEIKO 5 SNK watch Features

Scroll down to know SEIKO 5 SNK watch features.

  • Movement: Automatic
  • Power: 40 hours reserve
  • Case width: 37 mm
  • Lug width: 18 mm
  • Case thickness: 11 mm
  • The material of case: Stainless Steel
  • Case Back: Exhibition
  • Crystal: Scratch-resistant Hardlex

  • Luminous markers and hands
  • Bezel Material: Stainless steel
  • Bezel Type: Fixed
  • Crown: Pull or push
  • Style: Casual or Military
  • Clasp: Tang
  • Water resistance: 30 m (100 ft)


Coming to the pricing of the Seiko 5 SNK watch series, you can get this watch at as low as $100. If you are lucky to get a sale, then you can also buy it in just $70, and that is only a small amount for a luxury watch like Seiko 5. You will never regret buying this watch even if it costs more than $100 though it does not. It also depends on the store from where you are purchasing the clock. Therefore, it is all in your hands to buy from a store that endows you with the best deal.


Here is the list of pros of the Seiko 5 SNK watch series that you must know to decide about purchasing it a better way.

  • If you are beginning the process of buying watches, it can be the best start for kids.
  • With its 18 mm lug width, it becomes effortless to change the straps as well as dials by fashion trends.
  • Its low price makes it one of the best and affordable luxury cum automatic watches.
  • Its waterproof feature is something that can allow you to wear the watch anytime and anyplace, let it be a swimming pool, or you need a quick shower.


Everything which has pros, cons also come in hand, but a buyer can anytime ignore these cons because these cons are not much depressing to make you feel hurt after purchase.

  • The stock strap is something that is not a much outstanding feature of the SNK series.
  • There can be a lot of other features to make it more prevalent among watch enthusiasts.

Military Green Nylon Watch Bands

Seiko SNK Strap Sizing & Lug Width:

The prevalent lug width (size of the strap where watch and strap meet) of the Seiko 5 SNK watch series is one of the best features of the watch. Its lug width of 18 mm makes it quite effortless to find new straps because you can always find 18mm watch band option available in any design collection. Every buyer can upgrade the band to make it shine among their friends and relatives.

Its secure strap swapping out option endows the buyers with a plethora of fashion style by choosing straps by their outfit or mood. But, it is always best to go with quick-release watch bands for a more comfortable and trendy option.

Straps option:

Coming to straps option, you can get plenty of options in markets, but going for NATO, Perlon, Canvas, or Leather straps can be the best option for you to choose. If you select stingray, crocodile, or other expensive and striking watch bands, then it will not go well with this particular watch series.

Seiko SNK watches usually give sports and casual look and choosing Canvas, and NATO straps can be thriving practice. The most important thing is that you will get NATO straps in an affordable range without hurting your pocket. But, if you are looking for something that can go well with your boots or belts too, then you can get plenty of color options in Suede straps. For better assistance, you can check out following leather straps & review, Canvas Straps & review, Jetson NATO straps & reviews, and Silicone Straps & Reviews to know more about the best option that you can choose.

Leather straps & review

Designed with hand-picked epitome quality leather, leather straps are the best fit for your Seiko 5 SNK. Each stitch of the watch band is quite a fine that it does not tear and wear quickly. The best thing is that its installation procedure barely takes any time due to which you can easily change the straps with the snap of the fingers. When you are unable to find any strap going well with your boot or belt, then leather straps can be the best to grab. Above that, leather never causes any irritation or suffocation to your wrist but cares about your wrist gently. You must buy leather straps & review afterward to amplify your trust on these straps option.

Canvas Straps & review

Crafted from highly durable canvas, Canvas straps offer the most exciting color options to make your style iconic. You do not need any tools to swap these bands from your watch; therefore, you must elevate the beauty of your wrist with canvas straps. Most importantly, you will not face disappointment if you are looking for strength in your watch bands. Its bright color options can surely add lush to your watch effortlessly. In short, it is one of the best straps option to fit Seiko SNK strap sizing & lug width.

Jetson NATO straps & reviews

Rough and tough watch band to intensify the watch’s appearance, the Jetson Nato band can adorn your wrist beautifully. Jetson Nato Straps usually consist of crafting of epitome quality of seat belt along with weaving of nylon to make it the perfect fit for Seiko 5 SNK series lovers. Not only this, but stainless steel used to make the strap is 316L surgical grade, which does not cause hindrance with washing properties of the watch. It is a waterproof strap that you can wear on any occasion without any second thought. If you purchase it once, you will be able to understand the beauty of Jetson NATO straps & reviews in a better way.

Silicone Straps & Reviews

If a rough and casual look is not your genre, then Silicone straps are the best choice to add charm to your elegancy. Though all other strap bands are perfect for both men and women, yet it has some exceptions. The color options available in these silicone straps can beautify the women’s wrists the best way possible. If you are looking for something to go in sync with your professional attire, then you can find no rivalries to silicone straps at all. Its diligent and gentle texture ensures water-resistance, vibrancy, as well as comfort at the most. It is the safest option for those with soft wrists due to its designing process. Its crafting procedures use feathers of silicone and feathers of leather to make it skin-friendly. Talking about Silicone Straps & Reviews in concluding words, then these deserve to be on your wrist.


Over and all, you are the one who is going to decide the best watch band for Seiko 5 SNK series. Though you can find a lot from the suggestions mentioned above, yet you need to make the final decision by yourself only. You are pretty aware of the colors of your dresses, and if you are looking for something to go well with your outfit, then you should keep dress colors in mind before purchasing watch bands.

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