How Do You Choose A Citizen Watch Bands Replacement?

Buying Citizen watch bands means you’ll be getting the very best! As a Citizen watch owner, you’re already well aware of the comfort and style this watchmaker offers. However, the choices as to which watch band to buy might seem overwhelming. With a little bit of direction, you’ll easily be able to find the one that will work best for you.

There are some important factors to you might need to consider when choosing the watch band that will suit you best. Some of these factors are style, price and comfort. Though there are several different styles of watch bands, not all could fit into a particular watch case, which is the metal covering found on a watch. You should know how the band links to your watch, and the length of the strap that you need. Other factors you need to analyze when deciding on the bands that are best for you are your budget and the materials you like – which might include leather, nylon or canvas.

I have some collection of Citizen, and I love the new remaster model Citizen NK0002-14W the best. During this two years, the green color watches has been a new trend, actually it has been ongoing for quite some time, many brands public new model with a green feature. Citizen NK0002-14W is with a very attractive emerald green which reminds me a bit of Seiko Cocktail (non power reserve), as well as the Seiko Alpinist SARB017 & Seiko Prospex SBDC091/SPB121 models. One of the reasons I love Citizen model is you always find it with a new look by apply to a new watch band.

Nyln NAT Watch Bands for CITIZEN

Before you are looking for a Citizen watchband, the first thing you must make sure is what size to get. You’ll need to measure the distance between the lugs on your watch. (20mm and 22mm watch bands are the most frequency size that CITIZEN watch band compatible.) For example, the lugs size of Citizen NK0002-14W is 20mm, then the 20mm watch band is what I need. Check the Nylon NATO straps I got for my NK002-14W, it’s awesome, right?

There are also a variety of reasons you might want a new watch band. Some people have roughed theirs up a lot and need something that makes the watch look brand new. Others are simply bored with the current style and want something that will stand out or reflect their style a bit more.

Suede Leather Watch Bands for Citizen

If you are undecided about what kind of watchband you want to buy, you might take some time to browse around online to see what’s out there. There are so many styles that it’s difficult to describe in words! Just like when you’re buying a complete watch, you need to consider your everyday activities when you’re buying a watchband (for example, you wouldn’t want a leather band if you’re constantly in the water).

One reason that Citizen watch is durable because their waterproof system is very good and trustable, you don’t have to worry about taking the watch off if you going for a dip in the pool, or most water festivities, because many of the timepieces has a 50m water resistant capability, some of them are up to 100m or 200m. my anther collection Citizen BN0151-09L Eco-Drive is 200m Water Resistant, so I also got my model a waterproof watch band, a black military nylon straps. I think a silicone watch band would be also a good idea, I might get one soon.

Nylon Straps

Many people will opt to go with a stainless steel watchband. It’s of the absolutely highest quality and is built to last. It won’t get rusty or dingy with use. It looks classy and professional, without being stuck-up.

Metal materials watch bands that will last longer than other material. Stainless steel bands come in an assortment of types, including solid and folded watch bands. Folded types make use of folded metal to form the links of the band, while the solid types have solid stainless steel chunks to form the links. Additionally, these bands have different kinds of finishes to go together with your watch – like black, gold-tone or dual tone. The other metals consist of aluminum, gold and titanium. This part you can choose according to the color of the timepieces that you have.

There are also leather watch bands. You must be a bit more careful with these because of how leather does in water. Citizen makes extremely high-quality leather watchbands in a wide range of colors. Depend on your budget, you can also choose a third-party watch wrap, some watch wraps company also have very skilled craftsman to make very watch band, Like HIRSCH Watch Straps and Hemsut Watch Bands. ^_^ ^_^

Leather is another material that is also known for its longevity. Another advantage of choosing leather is its versatility, because it allows you to look dressy, casual or sporty, and matches almost any type of watch case. In addition to this, leather can be smoothened, dyed in different colors, and can include contrasting colored stitches or different kinds of designs.

Of course, in addition to the style of Citizen watch bands you have to choose from, you also have to consider how they will fit you. If you want to be absolutely sure of fit, then you might want to get one that has an easily adjustable build system, like quick release watch wraps, you can also have some collections so that you can exchange it by your will. Quick release watch band is a good choice, you’ll be able to easily to change the band. Leather wraps and NATO watch wraps enable you to adjust the size very easy so that it is sure to fit you.

Quick Release Watch Wraps are easier to change than others, it enables you to change the band in one minute without tools. It has an extra rod to push the spring device in the pin instead of using a tool. But if you feel better to use the tool, it also works. Now many third party watch band use quick release spring bard system, you can find some model like this very easy. If you don’t mind to do some hand work, it’s also not hard to change straps with a suitable tools.

Citizen watch bands are second to none when it comes to style, durability, and selection. You’ll definitely be able to find what you are looking for and you’ll be getting something that will last the test of time. Take the time to browse around to find your perfect watch band today, and either repair or liven up your watch so you can give it the love it deserves. Best of all, when you shop in the right places, you can get excellent deals on watch bands that are of the highest Citizen quality.

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