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How to Buy A Garmin Watch Band Replacement? All You Need To Know

Garmin watches today have no doubt stepped into the three-big smartwatch company together with Apple Watch and Samsung watch. If you want to go for a small adventure activity, then Garmin Fenix 7 is absolutely a better option than Apple watch 7 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, because they are designed and born for outdoor activities. But if you only want a watch with tracking fitness, and you only want to track your calories or read your blood pressure with the smart wear, then a light and small watch like Apple watch 7 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might be your advanced option, even so, Garmin do offer you suitable watch for this purpose, like Garmin VENU series and Garmin FORERUNNER series.

However, here we are not going to talk about which smart wear brand is better, Garmin, Apple or Samsung? You will not see this content in this article. From this article, we are going to tell you everything you might need to know about Garmin Watch bands replacement. Every watches would need watchbands replacement service, is Apple watch band interchangeable to Garmin watch strap? The Answer is no, because they have different lug structure. But Like Apple watch series, Garmin watch models are also design an unique equipment “Quickfit” for this original watch bands, because many Garmin watches are using a much bigger spring bar which are different to regular spring bar we always use. So Can you get a replacement band for your Garmin from a third watch band company? Absolutely. But first you need to know what the strap size and the strap spring bar that your Garmin is. We are going to tell you all information watch band size and spring bar structures of all Garmin model.

1, Can I replace Garmin watch band with standard straps?

As we know that Garmin designs a Quickfit adaptor for its unique spring bar, till now, their compatible watch band sizes are 20mm, 22mm, and 26mm. Is this Garmin bands size universal? Yes, we measure this size the same way as how we do to regular watches, the difference is the way how strap applies to the watch. We take Garmin Fenix 7 for example, we know that Garmin offers three sizes of Fenix 7, they are Fenix 7S, Fenix 7, and Fenix 7X, and Fenix 7S are compatible with 20mm Quickfit watch band, Fenix 7 are 22mm, and Fenix 7X is equipped with a 26mm Quickfit band. As long as you want to get a replacement band and try to find a new design for original silicone bands, you would find it’s hard to find one. Because your favorite one is high probably not equipped with Quickfit, you would find it very hard to get 26mm straps and you just like it as 26mm straps are bigger than regular-used size (20mm or 22mm). Oh, I am tired of wearing a silicone band with my Garmin every day, and I just found an excellent strap but it was not Quickfit. Can you apply standard straps to Garmin Fenix 7 without Quickfit equipment? Yes, you can. But you either need a pair of big spring bars like the original one, or a pair of Garmin band adaptors. (Buy a Garmin band adaptor). Garmin bands Adaptors is equipment similar to Quickfit, and make it easy to apply a quick-release standard watch band to Garmin watch without any tool necessary. The below picture will show you how to apply standard straps with the original Garmin spring bar.

How to Buy A Garmin Watch Band Replacement (1)

2, Are all the Garmin bands the same?

The answer is no. Above we talk about the models with Quickfit bands, but Garmin does have some model that uses standard straps, and in this model, we can get standard quick release bands and apply them to Garmin watch very easily. We take Garmin Venu for example, Garmin Venu® 2S 40mm is compatible with an 18mm standard watch band, Venu® 2 Plus 43mm is compatible with a 20mm watch band and Venu® 2 45mm is compatible with a 22mm watch band. There are some Garmin models that are with special lugs, these models are neither compatible with Quickfit nor standard straps, like Garmin Lily Edition. You can only buy a replacement watch band for this model from Garmin, or order a Custom straps service from a third-party watchband company. ( Order customer service).

How to Buy A Garmin Watch Band Replacement (3)

If you have a standard strap and you want like to use it as a quickfit band for your Garmin watch, you can try to use it together with a Garmin quickfit adaptor, by this way, you can easily turn a standard strap 18mm to quickfit 20mm, change a standard 20mm to a quickfit 22mm, and change a standard 22mm to a quickfit 26mm.


Black Garmin Watch Band Adaptor


garmin quickfit adaptor

New Garmin Quickfit Adaptor


3, How to choose watch band size for your Garmin Watch?

The below chart shows all the Garmin watch size information and you can find yours here:

These models are equipped with Quickfit watch bands:

  • Garmin fēnix® 7S: 20mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 7: 22mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 7X: 26mm
  • Garmin: epix™ (Gen 2): 22mm
  • Garmin Forerunner® 935: 22mm
  • Garmin Forerunner® 945: 22mm
  • Garmin: Instinct® 2S - Standard Edition: 20mm
  • Garmin Instinct® 2 - Standard Edition: 22mm
  • Garmin Forerunner® 745: 22mm
  • Garmin Enduro™: 26mm
  • Garmin Descent™ G1 Solar: 22mm
  • Garmin Approach® S62 Bundle: 22mm
  • Garmin Descent™ Mk1S :  20mm
  • Garmin Descent™ Mk1: 26mm
  • Garmin Descent™ Mk2S: 20mm
  • Garmin Descent™ Mk2: 26mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 6S - Pro Solar Edition 42: 20mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 6 - Pro Solar Edition 47: 22mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 6X - Pro Solar Edition 51: 26mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Driver: 22mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Aviator: 22mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 5S: 20mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 5: 22mm
  • Garmin fēnix® 5X: 26mm
  • Garmin D2™ Delta S: 20mm
  • Garmin D2™ Delta: 22mm
  • Garmin D2™ Delta PX: 26mm
  • Garmin D2 Bravo: 26mm
  • Garmin D2 Charlie: 26mm
  • Garmin quatix® 6: 22mm
  • Garmin quatix® 6X Solar: 26mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Captain: 22mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Commander: 22mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Adventurer: 22mm
  • Garmin MARQ® Golfer: 22mm
  • Garmin Instinct® Solar – Standard Edition: 22mm
  • Garmin Approach® S60: 22mm
  • Garmin Approach® S62: 22mm
  • Garmin quatix® 5 :22mm
  • Garmin quatix® 5X Solar: 26mm
  • Garmin fēnix 3: 26mm
  • Garmin fēnix 3 HR: 26mm
  • Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire: 26mm
  • Garmin Foretrex 601: 26mm
  • Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition: 26mm
  • Garmin quatix 3: 26mm
  • Garmin tactix® Delta - Solar Edition: 26mm
  • Garmin tactix® Delta - Solar Edition with Ballistics: 26mm
  • Garmin tactix® Delta - Sapphire Edition: 26mm

These models that are equipped with standard watch bands:

  • Garmin Venu® 2S 40mm :  18mm
  • Garmin: Venu® 2 Plus 43mm: 20mm
  • Garmin: Venu® 2 45mm: 22mm
  • Garmin Venu® Sq: 20mm
  • Garmin Forerunner® 55: 20mm
  • Garmin vívomove® Sport: 20mm
  • Garmin vívomove® 3: 20mm
  • Garmin vívomove® 3S: 18mm
  • Garmin vívomove® Style: 20mm
  • Garmin vívomove® Luxe: 20mm
  • Garmin vívoactive® 4S 40mm : 18mm
  • Garmin vívoactive® 4 45mm: 22mm
  • Garmin Rey™ 40mm: 18mm
  • Garmin Darth Vader™ 45mm: 22mm
  • Garmin: Captain Marvel 40mm: 18mm
  • Garmin First Avenger 45mm: 22mm
  • Garmin Forerunner® 245 Music: 20mm
  • Garmin D2™ Air X10: 20mm
  • Garmin Approach® S42: 20mm
  • Garmin Approach® S40: 20mm
  • Garmin Approach® S12: 20mm

These models that require custom straps service:

  • Garmin Forerunner® 25
  • Garmin Forerunner® 35
  • Garmin Forerunner® 45S
  • Garmin Forerunner® 45
  • Garmin Forerunner® 45
  • Garmin Lily™ - Sport Edition
  • Garmin Lily™ - Classic Edition
  • Garmin vívofit® jr. 3 – Garmin
  • Garmin vívofit® jr. 3 – Disney Princess
  • Garmin vívofit® jr. 3 – Marvel
  • Garmin vívosmart® 4
  • Garmin Swim™ 2
  • Garmin vívofit® 4
  • Garmin Approach® S20 Bundle

4, Recommend watch band for Garmin

As we know from above information, Garmin watch that requires quickfit watch band can be also compatible with standard straps with big spring bar or standard quick release watch band together with Garmin adaptor, now we are going to recommend you some good straps for Garmin watch.

1, super rugged nylon sporty straps

Our super-rugged series sport watch bands are built by high-quality nylon seatbelt and velcro accessories, which are very soft and durable. It’s not only a good replacement straps option when you climb or cycle with your Garmin watch, but it can also carry the ability to hold your watch in good condition when you swim or sail. This model comes in two sizes: 20mm and 22mm, together with Garmin adaptor, would be prefer with quickfit size 22mm and 26mm. The quick-release spring bar enables you to apply on the adaptor very easy. Try it and you won’t regret it!


Super Rugged Nylon Sporty Straps


2, Quickfit Garmin Nylon Loops 20mm 22mm and 26mm

Quickfit Nylon Garmin Watch loops are new but one of our best replaced watch bands for Garmin Fenix, Garmin instinct, Garmin Tactix, and other models that use quickfit straps. These replacement Garmin watch bands are available in 20mm, 22mm and 26mm, which can fit most Garmin watch models. The photo is shared by our customer, try it and you will find the Quickfit adaptors are just as good as the original Garmin straps.


Quickfit Garmin Nylon Loops 20mm 22mm and 26mm


3, Unity Trail Loop Garmin Watch Bands

Trail Loop Garmin watch bands is inspired by the Apple Watch trail loop. The ultrathin, lightweight Trail Loop is made from a nylon weave creating a soft band with increased elasticity for a comfortable fit. The band is infinitely adjustable with a convenient pull tab for quick adjustments on the go. This band is carbon neutral. The Trail Loop contains 32% recycled content by weight, 100% of manufacturing electricity is covered by clean energy, and 50% or more of all carbon neutral. With Garmin Quickfit® equipment, these models are available in 26mm, 22mm, and 20mm, which allow you to apply to Garmin Fenix, Tactix, Golf, Instinct, and other models that are compatible with Quickfit® straps.  Try one if you like the style.


Unity Trail Loop Garmin Watch Bands


4. Military Garmin Watch Band Loop

Garmin Watch band loop turns out to be one of the most comfortable replacement straps. Our super rugged Garmin loops have been our favorite items for our Garmin watch fans. Now we design military Garmin loops for military enthusiast customers, this one should be their most loved. Our Military Garmin watch bands loops have for color,  dark Camouflage, Forest camouflage, desert camouflage, and snow camouflage. They should be excited for military enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts, and 3 sizes are available, 20mm, 22mm, and 26mm, so all Garmin models that are with Quickfit equipment are compatible with it, including Garmin Fenix, Garmin Forunner 965, Garmin Enduro, Garmin MARQ and other model. Try one if you like the style.


Military Garmin Watch Band Loop


5, Handmade Italian Suede Leather Garmin Watch Straps

Suede Leather Garmin Watch straps are straps just for comfortable purposes. We like this material at first sight we saw it on NOMOS Weltzeit – and in fact, I have worn this leather for years. The material is comfortable and soft-touch, it turns out to be vintage and sporty on any timepieces.

The leather Quickfit delivers black, brown, grey, and whisky colors. It not only provides 20mm, 22mm, and 26mm Quickfit Strap sizes but also provides S and M Lenght for different wrist size fitting. A hand-made Italian suede strap has long been the choice of continental men of taste. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.


Suede Leather Garmin Watch Straps | Hemsut


Please visit our Garmin Watch Band collections if you want to check more options.

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