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What is the Best Seamaster Watch?

Well, it’s hard to answer that who is the best seamster watch in Rolex, Omega, Blancpain and many other excellent diving watch,  is rolex or Omega better? The answer exsits nowhere. But omega seamaster have no doubt  to be one of the best.

Omega in the twentieth century has always been an important Maison of great tradition, which at the time was far superior to many other manufacturers now considered more respected. But it must be said that it has always represented a producer of outstanding excellence and at the forefront in many technical fields and uses.

The race towards the abyss

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first wristwatches were born, and these timepieces were immediately customized for different uses— with one of the most critical, complete insulation of the movement. And let's not misuse the term: the first watches of this type were designed to insulate the movement from... dust!

However, they no longer fit in a pocket exposed these new wristwatches to several risks, including dust and moisture. And so, several companies began to take an interest in this particular field. One of the first was Rolex, which researched - or rather, acquired the patent for - the Oyster case to insulate the movement from dust and water. And to demonstrate how effective it was, it had one of its watches worn by a swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze, who swam across the English Channel.

Omega, not to be outdone, began to study a different system to make the case waterproof and originated the Omega Marine, a curious rectangular-shaped watch tested up to 135 meters deep. But unfortunately, its design was impractical - the watch was manual winding, and the crown was inserted inside a double sliding case. Therefore, this project was abandoned until Omega found its way back to the water with another timepiece: the Seamaster.

When is The First Seamasters ?

Shortly after the end of World War II, Omega found itself in the position of having to choose which market to target - and it dedicated itself to mostly civilian clients, as opposed to Rolex, which instead pursued a more technical approach. As a result, the first Seamasters were - to all intents and purposes - dress watches with water-resistant capabilities thanks to a screw-down case and rubber gasket, animated by automatic bumper calibers. The first was launched in 1948 and mounted the caliber 28.10, later replaced by other references.

As the years progressed, the Seamaster also began to change, becoming less and less "dressy" and more and more "toolish," approaching that sector of watchmaking that was starting to have so much success: that of diving watches, inaugurated by Rolex and Blancpain in 1953.

Starting in 1958, the case back began to be decorated with the famous seahorse, which became its symbol and was then extended to the other sports watch from Omega, the Speedmaster. And around the beginning of the Sixties, the Seamaster took a sporty cut, leaving the dress market to another model: the De Ville.

From this moment, the first editions of the Seamaster for diving began, and this became the vocation of this model until the 1990s, where it took the place of the Rolex on the wrist of the world's most famous secret agent: James Bond, known as 007, and that was the first Omega watch that James Bond wear.

Is Omega Seamaster Worth Buying?

Well, There are a thousand reasons to choose such a beautiful and impressive watch, and one of the many is the history that has led it to maintain an unchanging style. A bit like its "rival," the Rolex Submariner, it's a watch that's been in production for a long time and continues to maintain its design, modernized but always linked to that of its origins.

The Seamaster has, in addition, a peculiar characteristic: it represents a choice a little different from the norm. That is, from the Submariner. And wearing something not "standard" certainly makes us interesting, precisely because of this small display of an alternative character, which does not follow trends.

What's more, modern Seamasters mount calibers that include the coaxial escapement, typical of Omega's production in the 2000s - the first noteworthy evolution of the lever escapement in the last 250 years.

The Watch and Its Wristband

Wristwatches like the Seamaster are one with its bracelet, which, to tell you the truth, is one of the best Omega has ever produced, and from the beginning, has always won over the wearers. But you have to allow us the indulgence of going back to the roots of this beautiful timepiece and consider a worthy complement: the leather strap.

This choice dilutes the sporty character of the watch and brings it back to the luxury sports environment, making it more flexible and wearable in different situations. With a walnut color and crocodile print, which perfectly complements the bezel and dial, a strap like this goes perfectly with any kind of outfit, especially those who dress in fall colors like army green, navy blue, or gray.

The Seamaster is a classic but not ordinary watch, with a sporty cut but without exaggeration - a perfect complement for an assertive man and his style.

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