5 Best Replaced Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Are you bored of the look of your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active? Perhaps you’re thinking of revamping the watch bands. Below, we talk about the top 5  replaced Galaxy Watch Active bands.

Let’s dive in further!


While the Samsung Galaxy wearables may not be the best on the market, they bring full fitness tracking capabilities as other Tizen software-run watches. So, you can expect full connections to your smartphone as well as install essential apps you may find useful.

As with wrist bands, there are plenty of Galaxy Watch wrist bands available on the market. And most likely, you are overwhelmed with choosing which one to buy.

But…here’s our advice. Choose the band that makes you feel comfortable, a color preference you love, and of course, the design.

What is the Difference Between the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active?


Most noticeably, this is where it gets easier to differentiate between the two watch models. The Galaxy Watch is available on the market in a circular stainless steel case. Plus, users can pick between a 46mm and 42mm size, with 22m straps and 20mm straps, respectively. Check more detail watch band information for Samsung Galaxy Watch from anther article.

Best watch band for Samsung galaxy watch 46mm and 42mm

Its features include 360×360 pixel touchscreen, Super AMOLED display, and a rotating bezel to navigate the screen. Also, depending on size, the dimension of the watch comes in either 41,9 x 45.7 x 12.7mm or 46 x 49 x 13mm. Available colors are Silver, Midnight Black, and Rose Gold model. Without a strap, the watch weighs 49g or 63g (depending on what size you have).

The Galaxy Watch Active, on the other hand, comes in smaller and sportier 40mm size. Its dimensions are 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5mm. So, when compared with the Galaxy Watch, it’s even smaller than its smallest model.

Despite being made of metal, it weighs just 25g without a strap. Its features include a smaller display super AMOLED touchscreen that measures just 1.1 inches. Little wonder why they are tagged as “sportive.”

What is the band size for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? Unlike the Galaxy Watch models, the Active lacks a rotatable bezel. However, it boasts of two recessed side buttons on its right rather than the trademark bezel. Speaking of the strap, available colors are Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Green shades – all in 20mm sizes.

Similar attributes of the two watches are optical heart rate monitor, gyroscope barometer, ambient light sensor, and a 3-axis accelerometer.

One аddіtіоnаl thіng tо nоtе thоugh is thаt whіlе thе Sаmѕung Galaxy Watch Aсtіvе’ѕ ѕсrееn uѕеѕ Gorilla Glass, thе standard Galaxy Wаtсh uѕеѕ Gоrіllа Glаѕѕ DX+, whісh ѕhоuld make it a lіttlе more resistant to ѕсrаtсhеѕ.

Battery Life and Water Resistance

Samsung wearables boast of a reliable battery capacity that keeps one going for at least two days. Although Samsung says, the bigger variant of the Galaxy Watch with 472mAh battery will last around 7 days. But according to a lab result, it lasted around 4 days while the 270mAh lasts around 3 days.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch Active with its 230mAh battery lasts for around 2 days with use.

As with water-resistance, both devices pass this test confidently. Other features include NFC, which makes Samsung Pay usable for payments.

However, the Galaxy Watch optionally comes with LTE (for calls and texts without being connected to your phone). Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch Active lacks LTE features.


Both the Galaxy Active and Galaxy Watch Active provide basic things anyone would need for fitness tracking. These features include distance, steps, calories, active minutes, and more. Also, there are improved metrics such as VO2 Max.

Those who love to control their phone while exercising can also do so with the aid of a built-in GPS and music storage in the watch. Also, both models of watches can track up to 39 different exercises (six auto-tracked).

Another fitness benefit worth talking about is that both watches use a built-in heart rate monitor to give data on stress levels. With this, you can get an alert to rest when it seems you are overworking yourself.

And just like the Apple Watch’s Breathe app, Samsung’s breathing exercises help you monitor your heart rate.

OS and Power

Both the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active run Tizen, an OS peculiar to only selected watches, including Samsung devices. It has access to over 60,000 watch faces and some apps on the store.

As for power, both watches have a 1.15GHz dual-core Exynos 9110 chipset and 4GB of storage. In terms of RAM, the Galaxy Watch comes with either 768MB or 1.5GB (for the LTE model) while the Watch Active comes with 750MB.

 What is our top 5 Galaxy Watch Active bands?

Have you been thinking about changing the looks of your Galaxy Watch active? Here are our top 5 watch bands available on the market:

  1. Cordovan leather watch band

Exclusive of the many bands on the market, Cordovan is classed as the purest material with highly desirable qualities. Coupled with its hardwearing nature, its unmatched durability makes them stand even the most unpleasant weather.

The Cordovan leather watchband can be brought back when polished, and even gets better over time.

One of the BEST available on the US market, the Horween Chromexcel Leather watch band, stands out among the competition. Distinguished by their unrivaled level of quality, consistency, and creativity, they are created with modern-day tools and methods known.

Chromexcel is characterized by a vibrant effect, which is how its colors brightly shine when folded. Made from various high-end materials, including hides and vegetable-tanned wax. Plus, it is hot stuffed with a special kind of oil and greases, which gives it the pull-up effect.

The Canvas Watch straps are great options to choose for Galaxy Watch active. Seiko SN17 also use the canvas band which make them the best seller in Amazon. This band feature a unique textured tap and a brushed stainless steel buckle.

Each watch band also comes with standard lengths that you can choose from – just as it fits your wrist. Aside from the regular red color, you can also choose from green, blue, black and grey.

Despite the thickness and durability of the silicone, the black watch band is soft and flexible. With breathable holes for air ventilation, it guarantees maximum comfort on the wrist. It’s also very flexible, meaning that it will not split when you put the strap to excessive twisting or bending.

It can fit a wrist size of 6.5 inches up to 8.5 inches.

With its case made from alloy, the Nylon NATO Watch Straps are great options if you’re looking to replace your watch strap. They are considered an extreme sport band with excellent quality you can find on the market. Thanks to its nylon’s characteristics, the NATI strap is a very durable and waterproof choice.

Talking about the buck color, it comes in either brushed stainless steel or black PVD.

Concluding Thoughts

Perhaps you find yourself asking, “what band model is best for me?”

While some factors might influence your choice, it all comes down to your preference.

For one, your comfort should be the significant factor, since you’ll be wearing the watch all day. You can choose softer materials such as silicone, chromexcel leather, or nylon NATO watch straps.

The second factor you should put in mind might be your color preference. There are several colors available on the market, including black, mystic silver, and gold. However, comfort is still your primary focus.

Lastly, you should consider aesthetics and design when deciding which watch band is suitable for you. Good examples are the Honecumi and the Koreda stainless bands.

What do you think of the wrist bands we listed above? Planning to buy one of them? Call in right away!

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