Apple Watch Bands | Genuine Leather Straps | Brown

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This Genuine watch band will make it perfect matched to iwatch with suited color apple watch adpters.  Tanned with the fine quality genuine leather, it has become some of the most sought after leather in the world. The thin, robust nature of shell makes it at home on any dress watch, and of all the leathers in the world, it ages the best, offering true patina for the wearer. This is, quite simply, an amazingly beautiful strap.


1 review for Apple Watch Bands | Genuine Leather Straps | Brown

  1. Eric V. Brock

    I find this band to be very comfortable and more adjustable than the band that came with my Apple watch. Also, quite stylish.

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Black Buckle, Gold Buckle, Silver Buckle


Genuine Leather


Stainless steel, free Adapter


38mm&40mm, 42mm&44mm


120mm (length part) + 80mm (short part)

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