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This watch bands are made of US-made HORWEEN Chromexcel Leather. High-quality vegetable tanned waxy pull-up leather Material. With a unique natural leather fragrance, this wraps would look better than some time was worn.

The natural pattern Leather material will make it perfect matched to iwatch with suited color apple watch adpters.


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  1. When I was looking for a new watch band and came across a Horween leather strap at this price I figured I had to give it a try. I am very happy with the quality of the leather and the strap so far. The thickness of the leather strap is perfect and pretty supple from the start. It look great. It’s refined enough to pair with my Oriental Bambino but casual enough to dress it down to more of an every day wear kind of watch. My only complaint (and I’ve seen other reviewers mention this) but the small loops that hold the excess band material in place are rather thin and stretchy and I fear that they will fail long before the rest of the strap. One last thing is that this strap wears rather large on my wrist. I do have a smaller wrist, but I am in the last notch so if the band stretches I may be out of luck.

  2. love this band! Excellent Horween leather. The band is thick and sporty looking. What I like about this Horween band is like other bands, not to mention any names, is that the leather is neat and well put together. There are no frayed surfaces or sloppy looking holders. This is a Quality band at more than just an affordable price. I dont care where they manufactured this., the leather is Horween and it is gorgeous, can’t wait for this to Patina. Overall, a very nice band, constructed good enough to wear with a casual or dress watch. Very nice. I am already look at other bands to order.

  3. This is a great quality Horween Chromexcel leather watch strap IMO, especially for $25. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more in different colors and buckle colors in the near future! The quality is very good, the stitching is as well, the thickness is just right and still flexible for being that thick and you can tell its DEFINITELY Horween Chromexcel leather just from the scent/smell of it!!!

    I have numerous much more expensive leather watch straps (Craft and Lore Black NATO that was $110 + shipping), and my absolute FAVORITE leather watch strap (Ashland Leather Horween Black Shell Cordovan $89/shipped and worth EVERY penny), but for just $25, I don’t think you can find a nicer looking, great quality HORWEEN Chromexcel strap. I actually challenge you to find a better one for $25/shipped LoL ????

    The ONLY thing I have anything remotely close to saying bad about it, is that the second, free-moving strap keeper is really big around and wouldn’t stay in place. It would keep coming off the end of the strap. But that was certainly no big deal to me at all, I just put some Gorilla Glue on the inside of the buckle part of the strap and glued it in place since I only need it in one buckle hole to be comfortable all day long with my wrist swelling and shrinking constantly (and that’s with 3 extra holes at the end of the strap. However, if you have a smaller wrist, the second keeper probably wouldn’t move around at all, and if you have a larger wrist than my 7.5″ wrist, you won’t need the second keeper at ALL because the one that’s sewn into place will be perfect for you.

    But please take that with a grain of salt, because I might’ve stretched it that big around myself, or i just got one with a bigger second keeper. So PLEASE don’t let that deter you from buying these awesome Horween Chromexcel straps!!! And if its like mine, it took me a total of less than 5 minutes to determine where I wanted to glue my second keeper and applying the glue. Then I just let it dry and bond for about 48 hours and now its absolutely PERFECT for me and my wrist!!!

    Oh and another thing worth mentioning. This is made from one long piece of leather and then folded in half and glued together. I’ve put mine through the ringer already, and it has held up wonderfully so far. Not a BIT of it has come apart anywhere and they glued it so well that I don’t think it ever will come apart. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, youd never know its glued together. And since it is folded together and glued, it basically makes the inside of the strap “lined” and therefore more comfortable IMO ????????

    I use some Craft and Lore leather balm on mine every few weeks and now my khaki strap has turned a beautiful dark caramel brown and has AMAZING patina.

    Overall, I HIGHLY recommend these straps (as well as all of my other Hemsut leather watch straps), and I think they’re a phenomenal value for $25) shipped. I have over 60-70+ watch straps alone for my 30+ watches, and this is one of my favorites and probably will be for a very long time. That’s the beauty of FULL grain leather, and especially Horween leather, because they really do get better with age! And if something happens to mine over time, I would spend another $25 on these instantly and plan to buy many more of them in the future!!!

  4. Before, I was using another $20ish dollar leather watch band, but it had that cheap black lining that a lot of straps do, I have also seen light beige. Just, not good against the wrist, probably very cheap plastic or some fake leather.

    But this is great! I have a few wallets and belts made of Horween leather and I am comfortable saying this is real Chromexcel. It’s one long piece of leather doubled over, so Chromexcel touching your wrist. There is no sewing down the entire piece, only at the tops and bottoms, but only time will tell what happens with the glue, will update this review if I need to. Obviously, I don’t plan on getting it excessively wet, won’t be bringing it in the shower or ocean with me.

    It was immediately much more comfortable to wear right out of the packaging, better than the last one. I have recently taken an interesting in good quality leather products, and this is one of them. I love the dark red color they dyed it. Over time it will patina into a darker color.

  5. Watch band shipped with wrong attachment color and was way too small. Would be perfect if you don’t have normal size male wrists. Good quality though.

    • Hi, Ricky, sorry for the mistake. New attachment has been sent to you, i think you have received. The strap size is 120mm+80mm, It should suit most wrist size.

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Canvas + Genuine Leather


Stainless steel, free Adapter


38mm&40mm, 42mm&44mm


120mm (length part) + 80mm (short part)

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Black, Silver

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