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This Genuine watch band will make it perfect matched to iwatch with suited color apple watch adpters. Soft, pliable, waterproof, and insanely versatile – these classic calf straps might be the best “all purpose” strap in the world. You know what, think of them as the “Swiss Army Knife” of watch straps, because they can do just about anything you need em to.


1 review for Apple Watch Bands | Genuine Leather Straps | Coffee

  1. Terri S. Smith

    A watch band is pretty simple, but this one is very nice, with a great ability to customize hardware and colour details, for a reasonable price.

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Black Buckle, Gold Buckle, Silver Buckle


Genuine Leather


Stainless steel, free Adapter


38mm&40mm, 42mm&44mm


120mm (length part) + 80mm (short part)

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