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How to Select Watch Band for Garmin MARQ?

Garmin MARQ full series are compatible with Quickfit 22mm watch bands, included his new unveils edition---Garmin MARQ Carbon collection. Till today, Garmin MARQ are available in 9 editions, include MARQ® Athlete (Gen 2) - Carbon Edition, MARQ® Golfer (Gen 2) - Carbon Edition, MARQ® Commander (Gen 2) - Carbon Edition, MARQ® Athlete (Gen 2) - Performance Edition, MARQ® Adventurer (Gen 2), MARQ® Athlete, MARQ® Aviator, MARQ® Captain, and MARQ® Golfer. They all come with a 46mm watch case with a 22mm Quickfit straps. Today we are going to make a simple review for the new MARQ edition, Garmin MARQ CARBON COLLECTION, and then we will recommend some replacement watch band for Garmin MARQ.

Garmin unveils his three carton collections on the day of October 12th, 2023. Official price is USD$3,100, which make this edition the most expensive watch of Garmin. Each luxury watches are made of 130 layers of Fused Carbon Fiber, features domed sapphire lends and a brilliant AMOLED touchscreen display. Super long battery life is the main future that make Garmin a better outdoor smartwatch than Apple Watch or Amazfit Watch. This Garmin Golf Carbon delivers up to 16 days of battery life, and light body weight (about 76gram), which make this tool watch to be a great company to everyone’s adventures.

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Overview about Garmin MARQ Carbon

I'm excited to check out Garmin's brand new MARQ Carbon Golf Watch. This premium smartwatch is made with an engineered carbon fiber material and packs some really cool features for golfers. Luxury Golf Watch with Carbon Case. The MARQ Carbon Collection includes three different models the golfer, athlete, and commander. This article we’ll focusing mostly on the golfer version . These watches feature a 46m case and bezel made from 130 layers of fused carbon fiber. This makes them super lightweight yet very durable. The carbon has an awesome spiral pattern design too. With up to 16 days of battery life and a quick one hour charging time, you can wear this golf watch on the course all week long without worrying about power.

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Display and design

The MARQ Carbon golfer has a bright AMOLED touchscreen display under a domed sapphire lens. So it's crystal clear and very scratch resistant. It comes preloaded with full color maps for over 43 ,000 golf courses worldwide. You'll have an excellent view of each hole right from your wrist. The original watch bands are made from premium materials like leather, nylon, and silicone. So both styling and comfort are on point. 

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Golf Features.

Now let's talk about the golf specific features this watch brings to the table. It has virtual caddy to give you club suggestions based on wind, elevation, and your swing metrics. Very helpful for strategizing each shot. You also get green contour data to visualize the slopes and breaks on the putting greens when using the Garmin Golf app. The place like distance accounts for elevation, wind, and other factors. So you know exactly how far each shot will play. There's also a cool shot dispersion chart to see what hazards might be in play for different club selections. Really great info for picking your tee shots.

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Premium Smart Features

Beyond Golf, the MARQ Carbon Watch packs premium smart features. Fitness tracking with pulse ox, sleep tracking, body battery energy monitoring, and more. Garmin Pay for contactless payments. Smart notifications from your phone. Incident detection and live tracking for safety. On-device music storage. Final thoughts. If you're a golfer looking for a high-end luxury watch packed with helpful golf features, the Garmin MARQ Carbon Golfer Edition is an excellent option to consider. With its engineered carbon case and AMOLED display, it looks and feels fantastic. If you are fancying with this model, get one from

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How to choose a watch band for Garmin MARQ?

As we write above that full series of Garmin MARQ are compatible with 22mm Quickfit straps, you won’t go wrong to choose a Quickfit 22mm if your watch is Garmin MARQ. Quickfit 22 also interchanges to Garmin Fenix 7, Garmin Tactix 7 and Forerunner 955. Hemsut is a professional third party watch band for Garmin Watch, we design many straps that is interchange with Quickfit bands, now we are going to recommend you some awesome straps for Garmin MARQ.

1, Unity Trail Loop Garmin Watch Bands

Trail Loop Garmin watch bands is inspired by the Apple Watch trail loop. The fitting size of this Quickfit tail loop is 6.2 inches to 8.2 inches. The ultrathin, lightweight Trail Loop is made from a nylon weave creating a soft band with increased elasticity for a comfortable fit. The band is infinitely adjustable with a convenient pull tab for quick adjustments on the go. This band is carbon neutral. The Trail Loop contains 32% recycled content by weight, 100% of manufacturing electricity is covered by clean energy, and 50% or more of all carbon neutral. With Garmin Quickfit® equipment, these models are available in 26mm, 22mm, and 20mm, the 22mm option would fit Garmin MARQ perfectly.  We have 8 colors available, try one if you like the style.


Unity Trail Loop Garmin Watch Bands


2. Leather Quickfit Garmin Watch Band

Leather Quickfit Garmin Watch bands are designed for Garmin watches which are compatible with Quickfit straps, it's available in 3 sizes, 20mm, 22mm, and 26mm, the 22mm size is compatible with Garmin MARQ. The M size is extra long and compatible with big wrist sizes ranging from 6.4 inches to 10.4 inches. This strap is a good option for customers who like leather patterns and big wrist sizes. this would be another great strap collection together with our Super Rugged nylon watch Quickfit loops.


Leather Quickfit Garmin Watch Band


3. Super Rugged Garmin Watch Bands

Super Rugged Garmin Watch Bands Quickfit series is our brand best-seller, many Garmin fans know our brand starts from this model, so it won't go wrong to take one into your Garmin MARQ Carbon or Golfter replacement band collections. The strap is made of selected nylon and durable velcro, and eager for a comfortable wear experience. Firstly, we designed it for the customer who doesn't like silicone watch bands, because Garmin deliver only silicone strap and have few options of other material strap. Try one if you like this model.


Super Rugged Garmin Watch Bands


4,Outdoor Canvas Garmin Epix Quickfit Watch Bands

This canvas Garmin Quickfit strap for Epix PRO was inspired by the official Garmin nylon strap for Garmin Tactix 7. Personally, I think the design of Garmin Tactix 7 is very close to Garmin MARQ Carbom, so this Quickfit canvas watch band would bring your MARQ a different style. this stras are 3 sizes and 6 colors available, more important is, with an affordable price, so many customers can try this strap. Don't pass it if you like this strap.


Outdoor Canvas Garmin Epix Quickfit Watch Bands


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